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September 1, 2014 by JImbo


Have you noticed people don’t usually “Laugh Out Loud” when they type “L.O.L.”? That’s kinda false advertising isn’t it?

I admit we need to use emoticons and abbreviations in this modern online world. Since you can’t SEE people, it makes sarcasm and emotions hard to get across. On the phone at least you can still get some sense of a person’s attitude, emotion or intent from their voice. Online, it’s tough to tell when someone is joking, amused, upset, or whatever.

Who really laughs out loud when reading? I don’t generally. Frankly it could be kind of odd and disturbing to people around you.

So maybe we just need more accurate phrases to describe how people ACTUALLY act.

“Smirked To Myself” (STM)

“Grinned Like A Dork” (GLAD)

“Rolled My Eyes” (RME)

“Made Obscene Gesture” (MOG)

“Pretended To Choke The Idiot To Death” (PTCTITD)


And if people do laugh, why not be a little more specific? I actually like to laugh “ha ha ha” but a lot of people have more… unique… laughs.

“Laugh Like a Hyena” (LLAH)

“Snort And Wheeze” (SAW)


“Bleat Like a Goat” (BLAG)


Just a thought.

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