Irony in the Movies


September 1, 2014 by JImbo

Definition of irony (n)

Bing Dictionary
  • i·ro·ny
  • [ ī́rənee ]
  1. humor based on opposites: humor based on using words to suggest the opposite of their literal meaning
  2. something humorous based on contradiction: something said or written that uses humor based on words suggesting the opposite of their literal meaning
  3. incongruity: incongruity between what actually happens and what might be expected to happen, especially when this disparity seems absurd or laughable


A few examples I remember:

1-“Top Gun”- The whole idea of the “Top Gun” school is to “decrease a pilot’s reliance on missiles.” However, the heroes ONLY use missiles throughout the entire movie.

2-“Hope Floats” was the most depressing movie I’ve ever seen.

3-“Braveheart”- The memorable “Can’t take my freedom” happens while he’s chained to a table being castrated.

4-“Twilight” was a movie that STARTED a horrible teen vampire franchise, not ended one as the name would suggest.

5-In “Beverly Hills Cop”, the title character is the only one of the heroes who is NOT a cop from Beverly Hills.

6- In “Home Alone” the kid isn’t really “alone” in the house. He may be there with burglars, but he’s not alone.

7-in “Jurassic Park”, virtually none of the dinosaurs shown lived in the Jurassic Period of history. (Most were in the Cretaceous)

8- In “Alien”, it is the humans who land on the creature’s planet. So doesn’t that make THEM the aliens?

9- In the movie “Iron Man” his suit is not made of iron.

10- The very premise of “Mission Impossible” doesn’t make sense. “Mission Improbable” or “Mission Difficult” perhaps, but obviously it’s not impossible.


Honorable Mention: Although Godzilla does eventually appear in the latest movie it’s not until the very END, despite it being named after him. It would be better called “The movie about two anonymous giant insect creatures.”


Maybe you can add some more?



3 thoughts on “Irony in the Movies

  1. John says:

    How about the Lone Ranger having a sidekick?


  2. Patrick says:

    Batman– He dresses like a bat but doesn’t fly or eat bugs.


  3. JImbo says:

    True. He really doesn’t do much “bat-like” things. He could at least fly or have radar.
    Then again neither does Spiderman. He had to build the web shooters, he doesn’t bite, he doesn’t have 8 arms/legs.
    And Catwoman.
    “Hot” isn’t really a super power.
    I’ve seen girls dressed up at Halloween with a better costume.
    At least they wear the cat ears and a fake tail.


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