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September 1, 2014 by JImbo

I admit it. I “liked” Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Facebook page. A lot of my friends have too. It’s ironic because we really can’t stand the guy.

While I don’t think he personally checks it, his staffers must be confused as hell. They see all these new “likes” yet virtually every response to their posts is full of angry New Yorkers who hate what he’s doing. Maybe 1 in 50 is positive.

And THAT is why it’s so much fun to read!

Take the replies to his recent post “Governor Cuomo Plan to Solve AIDS Epidemic by 2020.”

-Now Prince Andy thinks he can end the AIDS epidemic? What an idiot.

-So he’s curing AIDS by 2020? What’s next? Inventing the Internet?

-As if NYS does not have more pressing problems?? How bout we lower taxes create jobs and actually try to keep some of the thousands of people who cannot leave this state fast enough??

-5 million bucks…are you kidding….how about you support us taxpaying middle class whom you are raping….we want our property taxes lowered so we can afford testing ourselves….as WE ARE NOT ON MEDICAID!!!!!!!!!!!!

-Maybe Cuomo plans on using the money he’ll get for the selling our and our children’s personal data to the big corporations. Common Core needs to go. He is like a worm trying to climb out of a tin can. (desperate) Bye Bye Cuomo.

-When you live in a cesspool you have epidemics. A cesspool that Cuomo helped to create.

-Will that include the illegal aliens being shipped to L.I. who have all those diseases?

-How about not wasting my tax dollars on stupid projects that will have no effect on the daily lives of 99.9% of New Yorkers?

-Remember this headline from last week? ‘N.Y. Gov. Cuomo Creates Panel To Root Out Corruption, Then Disbands It When It Roots Too Close To Him’

-Andy has been awfully quiet after the story about how corrupt he is came out. Writing that resignation speech yet?

-Just want to remind you that you’re a gun grabbing, hypocritical slug.


-AIDS epidemic? Is this cuomo dude for real? There is no epidemic. obama says the 80’s are calling and they want their AIDS epidemic political agenda back.

Now, you can argue over whether there are a “lot” of HIV/AIDS cases out there. The latest year NYS has released for new cases is 2012, with 765 new cases. I guess you can call that “a lot” if you’re one of them. However, among a population of nearly 20 million people that comes out to .0039%. 

It’s not a “panedmic” either since that is the description for a “fast spreading disease.” On the contrary, HIV/AIDS is SLOWING DOWN and very very very few new cases are being reported (see above.) In fact, 77% of the existing cases are among those over 40 who have had the disease for at least a decade or two.

Go ahead and hate all you want, but it’s NOT an “epidemic” and it’s not a “major public health issue.” It is a PAST issue that peaked in the 1980s and has been declining ever since.

But, enough of the serious debate.

Let’s get back to some fun post from the Cuomo’s “fans”:

How about this thread from

“What is Your Favorite Billy Joel Song?”

-Movin out… of NY

-MY favorite Billy Joel song? Who cares? A drunk driving moron who can play the piano does not interest me. What interests me is keeping my home. If my taxes get any higher that will not be possible.

– New York State of Mind is a good one but you are destroying our state with your personal agenda.

– In case you haven’t noticed, no one likes you.

– New Yorkers are drowning in taxes and unconstitutional regulations and the best YOU can do is ask what’s our favorite Joel song – Are you serious???? – You need to step down. FAILURE

– “Everybody Loves You Now”,,,,but not you, you pandering, divisive, partisan, fascist gasbag

– Is this a joke? Cuomo giving out Billy Joel tickets?

-My favorite song is “come to Nassau county and end the illegal wage freeze”









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