Third Kurdish Tanker “disappears”


August 30, 2014 by JImbo

Kurdish Tanker “Disappears” off the Coast of Texas

I put it in quotes because it didn’t supernaturally disappear. The reason the satellites can’t track it is because they’re not really radar or photographic satellites. They operate under the same “transponder” system that they have for airplanes and tractor trailers.

All the satellites do is pick up signals sent BY the vehicles. If you turn the system off, nothing is sent. You “disappear” from their maps. Although we all know you don’t just disappear entirely.

Well, unless it’s Flight MH370.

Anyway, this would be just odd… if it hadn’t happened TWICE before.

Tanker carrying Kurdish oil disappears…again

That time (and the time before it) the ship took Kurdish oil from Turkey (Kurdistan doesn’t have a port) and then TWICE went to a spot “125 miles off of Egypt and Israel” and disappeared from tracking long enough to unload it. Then, it appeared again and went back to Turkey.

Now, it’s Texas. Unless we have a Captain Nemo running around in a huge submarine collecting oil for his New Atlantis, I think we have a good handle on who is offloading that oil. Or at least one of a couple countries. (USA/Mexico or Israel/Egypt)

In any case, it’s being kept VERY quiet for some reason. They are going through the added expense of offloading offshore instead of going right into port. That way they can apparently claim that “Those ships were never here in our country.”

There may be no connection between the deliveries and the US starting up airstrikes against ISIS forces fighting the Kurds.

it could just be that the Kurds are keeping a low profile while shipping oil out of Iraq. It could be simple “oil smuggling.” However, Iraq as a country doesn’t EXIST without the United States right now. If we were to say tomorrow “The Kurds have their own country. Iran… you can have the rest” then that’s exactly what would happen. Iran already has troops in the Shi’ite parts of Eastern Iraq.

Turkey isn’t going to say anything about it because the Kurds want to sell oil through that country and they make a LOAD of money off it. The Shi’ite government in Bahdad prefers to send oil through Basra and the Persian Gulf… thereby not paying taxes to anyone and keeping more of the profit.

Turkey has to make a choice now. I’m betting the USA will go along with it since we like having airbases in Turkey.

The Turks hate the Kurds from years and years and years ago. In fact a good chunk of Turkey used to be Kurdish land before they were slaughtered and kicked out by the Turks.

Does Turkey want to run the risk of making their enemy powerful and possibly have the Kurds (with US support) try to get that land back? (It’s not good for much and is high mountains in the middle of nowhere but it’s the PRINCIPLE of it)

Or do they pass on the money and flip the Kurds the bird?

Or maybe they can take the money now and hope the US will let them just invade the Kurds again later?

For reference, here’s all the countries that would be pissed about a Kurdistan suddenly appearing:

Turkey, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Azeerbaijan…


The Kurds for their part have enjoyed the freedom they’ve had so far away from the rest of Iraq. Well, until ISIS showed up and started breaking things. They even set up a provisional government and a tourist board!


Lovely Kurdistan: The Other Iraq

Makes me wanna take a vacation!

In any case, the “disappearing tankers” aren’t fooling anyone.

Kurdish Oil Tanker Docks in Israel

Apparently there is a LOT of support for a Kurdish state.

The Jews in Israel seem to consider the Kurds “The Other Jews”

(Note: The Kurds aren’t generally Jewish… it’s a joke…because they’re persecuted and killed a lot by other countries)










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