The Hawaiian Secession Plan


August 30, 2014 by JImbo

The Obama Administration’s Attempt to Balkanize Hawaii

To be clear here, this is NOT the first time it’s come up. The Obama Administration did not start this loony idea. That’s just the title of the article.

On the other hand, they did NOT reject it outright as the Bush Administration agencies did.

They want to study it.

A lot.

It’s not really a “bill” or a “law” right now. It’s an “Advanced Notice of Proposed Rulemaking.” So in other words they’re doing a “what if we did this” thought exercise.

I actually enjoyed reading through this to hear how many times it’s been trounced as thoroughly unconstitutional and racist in the past. The Democrat senators involved were pretty ingenious in trying to get it around the Constitution.

For example the whole “Well yeah it SAYS you have to be Hawaiian… but we never meant it to be about race. Just if.. you know… your family was here before there were any white people here.”

Unsurprisingly the Supreme Court shot that down quick. Think if that HAD stood as a rule. Racism would be entirely LEGAL.

And that is essentially what this new proposed “rule” (not law) being studied would do. It would essentially make ALL OF HAWAII an “Native American Reservation” and kick out or subjugate all non-Hawaiians.

Huh… so that’s not racist?

And they’re not even going to PASS A LAW mind you. They just want to do this by EXECUTIVE ORDER. Or even a simple “rule change.”

I can see the board meeting at the Dept of the Interior now.

“And… item 22 on today’s agenda… we want to make the lunchroom officially the “Martin Luther King Jr Memorial Lunch Room.” All in favor? Aye. All opposed? Nay.

Ok motion carries. Brenda?Could you see about making a sign for that? Thank you.

Okay, item 23 on today’s agenda… making Hawaii a Native American Reservation. All in favor? Aye? Nay? Alright well the Ayes have it.

Alright well… that’s all we have on our agenda for today.

Good meeting folks.

It’s not that I’m thinking it’d HAPPEN. It’s that people coming up with this shit don’t even think it’s WRONG.

They sincerely CONSIDER this stuff.

The fact that government officials can sit down and have to contemplate things so blatantly UNCONSTITUTIONAL and RACIST scares me.

What other illegal and immoral things are they considering?

Maybe “burning babies to use as heating fuel” will be next.

Oh, wait too late.

That got beyond the planning stage.

And apparently made it here to our side of the pond.









2 thoughts on “The Hawaiian Secession Plan

  1. Patrick says:

    I think when you take office you should be made to read the Constitution.


    • JImbo says:

      Good point.
      Although our current President supposedly TAUGHT “Constitutional Law” in college. And all of them pledge to uphold it.



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