Say Hello to New Russia


August 30, 2014 by JImbo

Remember when then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton promised a “new start’ with US-Russia relations? She got together with President Medvedev and declared this was a “New Russia?” 

Well, ONE of them knew what they were talking about.

Remember that war in the Ukraine that isn’t happening (according to our government?)

Well, it just escalated…again.

Russia wasn’t content on just taking the southern (Crimean) part of the Ukraine. Now they want the eastern part too.

But will that be all?

Well, Russian President Putin has taken to calling it not Ukraine but Novorossiya.” 


Well that’s funny. Novorrosiya (aka “New Russia”) is a good chunk of the Ukraine. It also isn’t what the pro-Russian Ukrainainan “rebels’ already have. It doesn’t include the Crimea (they already grabbed that) or Moldova (they already control that) or the Donetsk or Lughansk (those are where the fighting is taking place right now.)

So, basically Putin just said that AFTER he gets Donetsk and Lughansk he will THEN be pressing for Novorrosiya…aka… pretty much the rest of Ukraine.

Not a big deal?

It’s “just the Ukraine?”

How the Russian Invasion Could Spark War in Europe (

Still, we refuse to call this an “invasion.”

Apparently up to 10,000 troops with tanks, artillery and air power isn’t enough to qualify for that term.

That hasn’t stopped the Canadians from using the correct term, but then again who listens to them anyway?

It’s not like he’s doing the same thing Hitler did in the 1930s or anything.

August 30th, 1938 Hitler prepares to invade Czechoslovakia

That started the same way too.

“I JUST want this little part over here that has the German (Russian) people in it. You can keep the rest.”

So, Hitler got the Sudetenland part of Czechoslovakia without a shot being fired. It was signed away by a pen.

That lasted all of 7 months before he took the rest..with tanks.

Unless you consider the Crimea to be the “first little bit” as it too was “occupied without a shot fired.”

If that’s the case then there won’t be a pause this time. Russia will just keep pushing until someone does something. Not says bad things. Not pretends not to trade with them.

Unless someone ACTS, Russia won’t stop.

Why should they?

(Photo recon evidence, not that anyone who doesn’t want to believe will accept it)

And the 1,000 is ONE force. That doesn’t included imbedded “military advisors” or “volunteers” or “support non combat troops” operating in the country. Estimates are that those are as high as 10,000 or more Russians in the country supporting the insurgency. Untold more in Russia proper funneling supplies to them, supporting attack aircraft, moving artillery shells to the front, etc.


3 thoughts on “Say Hello to New Russia

  1. Patrick says:

    The Russian troops are actually “on leave” and doing it on their own. Apparently they can take all the hardware home with them, tanks, howitzers,missle batterys etc.


    • JImbo says:

      I like their way of doing things.
      I’m gonna bring the 5-ton home next time I have to move a friend. Plenty of space on that sucker.
      And maybe a .50 cal machine gun for hunting season.
      Hey ya never know.


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