Non Humanitarian Aid Drops (When you need delaying tactics to hide a lack of strategy)


August 30, 2014 by JImbo


Ouch. That’s gotta be painful.

A packed room and maybe 5 people clapped?

For the President of the United States?

How many of those were sympathy claps or guys who figured it was the rule to clap for the President?

Okay, so we know he’s not popular with the troops. Understandable. They tend to be Conservative. He’s Progressive. Got it.

However, it MIGHT have something to do with him lying to them.

Consider the first part:

Don’t send America’s sons and daughters in harms way unless it’s

a) necessary

b) you have a plan

c) you are resourcing it sufficiently to succeed

Well…actually….the same day he said in a news conference:

(regarding getting air strikes vs ISIS terrorists approved by Congress)

President Obama: ” Let’s not get the cart ahead of the horse. We don’t have a strategy yet.”

Wait… so after 150+ airstrikes on the ISIS terrorists he doesn’t have a strategy? So what he’s just making shit up as he goes?

Yes, I know the question at the press conference was specifically about opening MORE targets of ISIS in Syria (as opposed to bombing the ISIS guys already in Iraq.) They ARE two parts of the same coin however. You can’t hit ISIS in Iraq and NOT hit ISIS in Syria. Half their new “country” is in Syria and most of their supply centers.

We failed to address this issue in Korea, Vietnam and Afghanistan. We kept letting the enemy resupply “off the board” so to speak so we could never entirely defeat them if they had somewhere to run to, rest and rearm.

It is a legitimate question. We NEED a strategy for the WHOLE ISSUE. You get a strategy… THEN you go to Congress for approval… THEN you go bomb someone.

That is the proper order.

Then Ed Henry, Whitehouse Spokesman said “We are not at war with ISIS.”


Maybe we should tell them that then?

They appear to be quite pissed off we’re dropping 500lb bombs on their heads.

Unless he meant “We have not officially gone to Congress to declare war on them yet.”

That would be true.

However, that still leaves us dropping 500 lb bombs no them. That SEEMS to be pretty similar to a war. I’m not sure the guys being bombed can tell the difference.

So, hurry up on the whole “Strategy” thing could ya?

You’ve had over a YEAR to come with it now!  

On August 9th, 2013 the President said “We are developing a strategy.”

I’m no policy expert, and I don’t mean to take you away from your daily golfing responsibilities, but don’t you have some guys in the Pentagon who are paid to do this sort of war planning thing?

Oh that’s right. It’s not a war though.

It’s not even “bombing” anymore.

It’s just “air dropping non-humanitarian aid packages.”

See? I could totally work at the White House. I got this “making things up” stuff down to an art!


 They did do pretty well with their “incursion” talk in the Ukraine instead of “invasion.”











2 thoughts on “Non Humanitarian Aid Drops (When you need delaying tactics to hide a lack of strategy)

  1. Patrick says:

    I would hope everyone knows the military has had plans of some kind all along. The president must think we’re all boobs. He seems to not want to do anything about anything!


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