Finding the Supermajority- Finding common ground with Hippie Pagan Leftists


August 30, 2014 by JImbo

I was wondering why I was lately getting people reposting my blogs to some rather unconservative websites. They didn’t seem to be the people that would reading my opinions.

Then again, my point all along has been that there are certain AMERICAN ideas that we all agree on. It’s not about political party. It’s not about personalities.

It’s about ideas. Freedom. Liberty. Justice. The truth.

The things we AGREE on we should still agree on, even if we agree on everything else. That’s the idea behind my “Super Majority” theme. I sincerely believe (and polls back me up on this) that on most issues there is a clear majority of the American public on one side and a tiny minority on the other.

Often it is a Supermajority, meaning well over 2/3 of the people. On some things it’s 80-90%.

On the other side are mostly the elites, entitled and ignorant. Pick most issues and that tends to be true. Repeatedly.

Oh you can change the polls up and try to pretend that there is a real debate on many of these issues. Take spying on US citizens. If you ask people “Is it okay to eavesdrop on terrorists’ phones to stop attacks” the majority say “YES!”

If you ask them “Is it okay to spy on Americans” with no qualifier the majority say “NO!”

The point is how you word the question. When you put in “within acceptable constitutional limits” and “with a warrant” you get a bare majority of about 51%. It’s when you say “spy on terrorists” that the larger numbers come in.

When you say “warrantless wiretapping” which is what the government is doing… you get a majority of Americans AGAINST limitless spying on US citizens.

So, there is a majority there. There’s a SUPERMAJORITY. However, it’s all about finding that position that we all start to agree on.

Likewise, if you ask people “should contraception be legal” they say “Yes!”

If you ask “should abortion be legal” it’s about 50/50.

If you go further and say “Should abortion be banned after 19 weeks” then you get that majority again.

There ARE common grounds. They just don’t suit where the pundits want them to be. After all, which political party wants the abortion debate “settled?” They BOTH go out and raise money with the issue by scaring their supporters.

The same with gun control. Most people are for legal guns. it is the 2nd Amendment anyway. They are just scared for their safety too. People want to drive cars, but we’re not opposed to driving tests are we?

What about shooting tests or pistol safety courses? Or even school education?

I know that sounds crazy, but think about it.

As I’ve said before… how is this different than any other issue?

Drugs are dangerous. We teach about them in school.

Fire is dangerous. We teach about it in school.

Cars are dangerous. We teach about them in school.

Sex is dangerous. We teach about it in school.

Guns are dangerous…. so we scream and holler and ban them?

The same people that tell you that “if you stop sex ed/drivers ed/etc in schools then teens will go out and get hurt!” will then illogically claim that the way to make guns safer is to NOT talk about them.

How does that make sense? It’s one or the other. Either education is good or it’s not.

I don’t AGREE with a lot of what the hippie-pagan-leftists believe in. We don’t tend to agree a lot. However, I do respect them for their opinions and we DO tend to agree on more than you’d think.

If we agree on basic things like the Constitution and basic Freedoms laid down in it, we can disagree on the “little” things. Yes, I’m sorry but abortion is a “little” thing when we disagree on so little. The whole “Hobby Lobby needs to pay for my birth control” thing was blown way out of proportion too.

We have wars going on overseas, a HUGE national debt, a cratering economy that’s being LIED about (to not scare people) and fake race baiters causing riots in the streets. Is anyone going to really claim any of those are GOOD things? Is there ANY debate on that all being BAD stuff going on?

Is national debt a GOOD thing? How about terrorism? Riots? Unemployment?

The rest are distractions. It’s all symptoms of too corrupt, too big and too coercive government by and large. The smaller issues like gay marriage just REALLY DON’T MATTER. They will not make or break a country. I’m sorry if you feel strongly one way or the other, but the only way to fully SOLVE the problems is to get government out of it.

Without government supporting or banning marriage (straight, gay, whatever) there would be no issue. If there were no legal and monetary benefit to it, would you CARE who married whom?

Without the Federal gov’t pushing Common Core, the schools wouldn’t be going through the turmoil they are right now… in order to get Federal money out of the deal.

When things involve TRILLIONS of dollars and threaten to sink our economy, THAT matters.

This other stuff that parties, politicians and pundits use to separate us are just false issues. They’re not that important. Imagine what we could do if we recognized what we AGREE on and then together used massive majorities to GET THINGS DONE? Instead of being divided and shouting at one another?

How about we recognize that the house is on fire? Not argue about who didn’t do the dishes? Does it really matter?

I ran across this video when I was looking for something else. Amazingly this guy seems to “get it.” Leave aside his snarky attitude, how he dresses, or what party he’s in. Listen to him for a bit.

Do you agree with anything he says? Does it make sense? He does have his facts pretty well straight. He’s a LOT more educated than most folks I come across.

Somehow I doubt we’d agree on a LOT of the “minor issues.” I dunno if he’d come over for a “Beers, Bullets and Burgers” night at the neighbor’s house.  Still…. I would gladly support the guy on those issues where we AGREE.

Check it out. Comment on his page if you agree. Or if you don’t.

Hippie Pagan Leftist “Gets It”

Party on “styxhexenhammer666”

May you be able to find common ground with us “Redneck Christian Rightists”


3 thoughts on “Finding the Supermajority- Finding common ground with Hippie Pagan Leftists

  1. JImbo says:

    Interesting poll about Government Spying:

    Shows how you ask questions and what you ask is important.


  2. […] Source: Finding the Supermajority- Finding common ground with Hippie Pagan Leftists […]


  3. […] Source: Finding the Supermajority- Finding common ground with Hippie Pagan Leftists […]


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