Safety Safety Safety


August 29, 2014 by JImbo


Girl Accidentally Shoots Gun Instructor


Is 9 years old too young to be using an automatic weapon?

I remember “driving” the truck on my grandfather’s lap younger than that.

I know they say “don’t blame the dead” but… was it the instructor’s fault?

Actions have consequences.

Often tragic ones.

Then I’m always reminded of how many millions of people who are were NOT shot this year.

We focus on car accidents and not cars safely getting to their destination.

We also provide drivers’ education in schools to help prevent accidents.

Come to think of it, we provide sex ed for the same reason.

And drug education.

And fire safety.

In fact, about the ONLY public safety issue we DON’T address with more education is guns.

There we immediately shun any mention of them and pretend they don’t exist.

Hmmmm… either we’re missing the boat on gun safety or every OTHER safety program is being taught wrong.

Which is it?

(Dark humor for my military buddies: “Where was his PT Belt?”)



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