The New Morality- A Moving Target


August 27, 2014 by JImbo

Federal Judge Strikes Down Most of Utah Ban on Polygamy

Apparently all that’s left is the actual legal marriage license. It’s perfectly fine for people to BE polygamous. They just can’t claim to BY LAW have two wives.

Polygamy is at this stage where Gay Marriage is in many states. You an BE gay. You just can’t have a marriage license to prove it.

It didn’t take Gay Marriage advocates to cross that distance in half the states in the USA. Wanna bet it doesn’t take long for Polygamy to follow? I’ve always been amused by the Gay advocates who recoil in horror at the thought of Polygamy.

What’s the difference? Consenting adults wishing to have sex with one another and have their social relationship legally recognized. There really is no substantial difference between the two.

The next hurdle is much bigger.

Child marriages.

Since it’s not consenting adults, but GUARDIANS of children making the decisions it’s much stickier. However, I’m sure there are Muslim groups (among others) pushing for it. After all it’s “normal” in their home countries, just like Polygamy is.

How long will it be before they start claiming that arranging a marriage of a child is no different than a parent deciding what school to send their child to, signing up for T-ball or getting circumcized?

“I know what’s best for my child” will be the cry. “It’s between Me, My Child and God. After all, I can decide life and death issues in a hospital for them and their educational future, but not who they marry? They are all big life decisions and the responsibility of the parent! What is more important than finding them a good spouse?”

You laugh now.

I figured this Polygamy thing would take longer to catch on than it did too. Seems the whole Gay Marriage debate blew open a lot of doors and shattered some basic social “norms” paving the way for some rather radical reinterpretations of our culture’s social structure.

I also expect an even larger role for “En Loco Parentis” to arise in this country sometime soon. The phrase means “In the absence of parents” and refers to the “rights” that parents “give” to others, especially institutions, in deciding for their children… usually over a distance. For example, when sending a kid to boarding school or camp. You are trusting those temporary guardians with your parental responsibility.

It’s rather limited now, but I would expect that given how schools and the government are trying to grab more power that the big grabs are coming faster and sooner than we ever thought. Already they are feeding your kid at school and teaching them the “Birds and the Bees.” Also, some districts are criticizing parents for not being supportive enough.

It’s only a matter of time before some larger steps are taken. When do the kids start doing “sleepovers” at school or “weekend studies?” When do the kids stay late at school during after hours day care for parents who work late and don’t want kids home alone? (Who says community center and school can’t be the same?)

After awhile, why not have schools simply offer ON CAMPUS HOUSING? That way there’s gov’t subsidized housing for the poor right on site! They don’t have to transport kids back and forth to homes. The kids can eat right there. The kids are safely monitored by government employees at all times. A whole community living at the school!

Like college, but for Primary school and with your parents (well.. parent… in the inner city) there… or not. After all, who needs parents once the kids are safe at school 24-7? Kinda superfluous and gets in the way of “proper education”… especially if that parent inconveniently disagrees with the state-sponsored curriculum!

Far better just to have the “village” raise the child, right? Adults can then go off and do their own thing without being “weighed down” with the “baggage of parenthood.”

Sounds like 1984 doesn’t it?
Well, maybe we were just a few years too early. They’ll try it.

All they have to do is say “IT’S FOR THE KIDS!”




“Here’s some free money. Go have fun while we watch your the kids.”

Again, laugh all you want.

It’s been done like this in other countries. 


Keep thinking “that can’t happen here!”

We’d never have gay marriage either… or polygamy… or an income tax… or a Patriot Act…

And no way would the government EVER spy on its own citizens… or punish them with IRS audits for the politically disadvantaged….







One thought on “The New Morality- A Moving Target

  1. Patrick says:

    Animal and people marriages will be farther down the road but forthcoming.


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