The Lesser of Two Evils


August 27, 2014 by JImbo

Egypt and UAE Launch Airstrikes Against Muslim Brotherhood Terrorists in Libya

This guy really has a good handle on the situation.

Let me sum it up quickly.

President Obama is against the ISIS terrorists. Not because they’re terrorists, but because they are enemies of the Muslim Brotherhood. 

President Obama likes the Muslim Brotherhood.

They are “good terrorists.”

ISIS are “bad terrorists.” (according to him and his friends in the US Administration)

Once you understand that, everything over there makes sense.

Why did we push for the “Arab Spring” in Egypt? To kick out the old secular leader in charge and get the Muslim Brotherhood into office.

Why is our President pissed at Egypt? Because they in turn protested in the streets and kicked the Muslim Brotherhood back OUT of power and put members of the OLD government back in power.

Why are Egypt and the UAE (United Arab Emirates) bombing Libya? They’re actually bombing the Muslim Brotherhood in Libya. (Well and Al Qaeda too.)

Remember when we went into Libya to kick out Qaddafi and put in the….. Muslim Brotherhood? (Sound familiar?) Yeah, that is why Al Qaeda in Libya attacked us in Benghazi. Because we were helping the Muslim Brotherhood!

Actually, technically we were taking weapons seized from Al Qaeda in Libya and shipping them to Syria to… you guessed it… get President Assad out of power and install.. THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD. (There’s that pattern again!)

President Obama tried calling them the “Free Syria Army” but really it’s 95% the Muslim Brotherhood with a sprinkling of other people to make it look good.

Why are we supporting a terrorist group… against other terrorist groups and Arab countries?

Well, I have to believe that our President doesn’t just like terrorists. (Although if you’ve read his biography and read up on the backgrounds of the people he hangs out with… that is debatable. Many did call for armed revolution and quite a few were active terrorists in the 1960s.)

Anyway, for the sake of argument let’s say he DOESN’T support terrorism. He just sees the Muslim Brotherhood as the least worst of the terrorist groups so he’s siding with them to fight other terrorists. Sound like a plan?

Basically he thinks he’s a police chief who is outnumbered by rival gangs so he starts arming the “Bloods” (Muslim Brotherhood) to fight the “Crips” (Al Qaeda). Nothing can go wrong with THAT plan right? Totally legit.

<insert sarcasm>

Did I mention that in this scenario he’s also pissed off all the non-criminals and punished the shopkeepers for not helping pay off the “Bloods” gang? That is what he’s essentially doing. Everyone who is not Pro-Muslim Brotherhood is being punished.

Does it sound like that plan has any chance of success? No, it won’t work well in foreign policy either. It is a total disaster and now our President is trying to tapdance through a political minefield.

He has either forced “regime change” on or TRIED to force “regime change” on half the countries in the Middle East, all the while claiming he was “nothing like George Bush.” He’s started multiple wars while claiming he didn’t. After all, can Nobel Peace Prize winners start wars? *polishes innocent halo*

In the meantime, the terrorists on ALL sides are being successfully fought by the Middle Eastern governments in power. Egypt, UAE, Israel, Tunisia, Chad, Syria…they’re all fighting ALL terrorists, not singling out some “good” ones and some “bad” ones (well except Syria who has Hamas on a short rope)

Now our President is in the awkward position of standing with the terrorists AGAINST legitimate governments who fighting terrorism. Those very governments that he has tried to overthrow. (oopsie.. my bad Mr. Assad and Mr. SiSi.)

Now here is the IMPORTANT part.

If we had just NOT tried to overthrow them in the first place, the terrorists would not have had anywhere to GET a foothold. The only reason that ANY of the terrorists came to fight in Iraq, Egypt, Libya, Syria, Tunisia or anywhere else in the area was because WE had destabilized their governments trying to overthrow them! 

WE invaded Iraq and started a civil war.

WE invaded Libya and started a civil war.

WE financed the riots in Syria and armed the terrorists to start a civil war.

WE financed the riots in Tunisia.

Well by “we” I mean the Bush Administration for the first one and the Obama Administration for the rest.

If those governments had been left ALONE the powers in charge would have kept beating down the few terrorists in their country on their own. They’ve been doing it for decades and honestly saving us quite a bit of work in the process.

WE (Obama) knew better than they did how to run their countries and opened the door for terrorists to come in.

So where are we now?

Well it’s easy to predict what our President will do. He’ll keep arming and defending the Muslim Brotherhood… without Congressional approval. Why stop now?

The only question is… does that include bombing ANOTHER country (Syria) to do it? That was the original goal that the Administration pushed SO hard for in 2011. They even went so far as to allegedly plant chemical weapons and blame the Syrian government to FORCE the United States to attack.

Either that or the “rebels” did it themselves and blamed the Syrian government. Either way, the Muslim Brotherhood was found to have a warehouse of chemical weapons in Turkey. They shot the wrong weapons from the wrong direction to shoot down a Turkish jet and blame it on the Syrian Army (who wasn’t in the area at the time.) They gassed a town and blamed it on the Syrian Army (again… when the Syrian Army wasn’t nearby.)

At any rate, it was kind of transparent because the Syrian Government had no REASON to use chemical weapons when they were WINNING and trying to keep the United States away. Why give them an excuse to attack using weapons you don’t need to use in a war crime attack?

President Assad hasn’t stayed in power for that long by being dumb.

I’m gonna GUESS based on past experience that soon the “Syrian Army” will shoot down a drone or a plane of ours. Something like that. Or maybe some gas attack on a village.

Just ask yourself if there were even Syrian forces there first before you believe it. This isn’t about the Syrians being good guys. They’re NOT “good guys.” Not even CLOSE.

However, they’re also not STUPID. They’re not gonna intentionally goad the US military into attacking. There’s too much to lose.

However, the REBELS who WANT the United States to attack Syria have access to ex-Syrian Army weapons, chemical stockpiles and have a willingness to use them. They are terrorists, so do they really have a reason NOT to gas a village or do a suicide bombing to get some attention or further their goals?

Again, for the record. I’m not AGAINST intervention when it’s justified or makes sense. I’m against this behind the scenes bullshit to try to drag us into conflicts that aren’t ours and that we didn’t CHOOSE to be in.

(Did YOU decide to go to war with Syria? Was CONGRESS asked to go to war with Syria? So… why are we flying planes over Syria? Why are we arming the terrorists in Syria? Only ONE person can order that to be done…)

I’d be for putting a Brigade on the ground in Kurdistan. Stopping the wholsesale slaughter of Christians and other minorities would be legitimate.

I’d be for putting a Brigade into the Gaza Strip or Israel. Police the border between the two until the Swiss or Canadians show up.

I’d even be for helping the Egyptians bomb the piss out of the terrorists in Libya. At least THEY seem to be doing the right thing.

I’m not for HELPING Muslim Brotherhood terrorists. I’m not for invading more countries… just because a friend of a friend asked us to. (Yeah, looking at you Qatar and Saudi Arabia.)

The lesser of two evils is still evil.


2 thoughts on “The Lesser of Two Evils

  1. Patrick says:

    You’re beginning to sound like Jesse Ventura with all this conspiracy theories.


  2. JImbo says:

    Conspiracies are hidden in the dark.
    This is all stuff out in the open.
    There’s nothing secretive about it.
    You just have to know who the players are in the global poker game.


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