Bad Shots, Bad Shots, Whatcha Gonna Do When They Can’t Aim True?

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August 27, 2014 by JImbo

Omaha Police Shoot Robber with Pellet Gun 30 times

The updates on the story seem to indicate the criminal fired first.


So, I can see the cops pulling their guns. You do that when people point a gun at you… even a fake one.

However, that just begs another question.

Since pellet guns don’t go “BOOM BOOM” like a REAL gun… didn’t they notice?

Or did they think maybe it jammed?

And what was the COPS TV show crewmember doing in between them and the suspect?

And 30 shots means that all three officers unloaded an average of 10 rounds in the bad guy and an innocent bystander.

So three officers spent probably 30 seconds putting up a fusilade of fire before:

a) realizing there was no return fire

b) realizing that the guy was already shot numerous times

c) the COPS guy was there

I hate to second-guess the guys on the street. It just seems there’s a lot MORE to the story.

Even if the guy did attack them or present what they considered a threat (after 20+ rounds) … that’s some shitty shooting.


So many questions.


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