War! HUH! Who is it Good For? (Think About It)


August 26, 2014 by JImbo


US drones in Syria without approval

So apparently neither Syria nor our own Congress has been asked if there SHOULD be drones over Syria. The President just decided to violate international law on his own. Well that’ll simplify things when the charges start.

I know the President talked himself into a corner politically by declaring Assad a war criminal and some evil monster. Now he can’t go hat in hand and ASK PERMISSION now can he? That would seem like accepting Assad as an ally.

So, he will just use drones to bomb Syria and assume that most people will think “Oh well if it’s just a drone dropping bombs and shooting missiles then it really doesn’t count as an “attack.”

So what is it? A friendly love tap? The only honest reason given for it seems to be “Well, we CAN.” Basically, the Syrians don’t seem to be able to shoot the drones down at the moment so why not?

So what happens when the Syrians shoot one down? Are we still NOT at war? Or is it suddenly an “act of war” so we can get that invasion of Syria the President was pushing for a couple years ago in the first place?

Imagine if other nations did that to us. What if Castro said “I’m just going to fly some drones over Florida. No big deal. Blow up a few people. I ASSURE you they’re BAD PEOPLE. Trust me on this.”

Or Mexico? Few armed raids into Arizona? No questions asked? Oh and along the way MAYBE training a few terrorists to overthrow the US gov’t. Maybe. No worries.

I’m sure we’d be cool with that. Unilaterally too, not some coalition. Just the United States. Going it alone. Playing the cowboy.

I seem to recall some other President being criticized for that… who WAS that guy? Had a Texas accent…. nothing like the current President doing exactly the same thing.

And don’t look at Libya for a moment. Don’t notice the jihadis taking that country either. We WON already there. No need to see what’s happening. (Just like Iraq and Afghanistan.)

How many wars is this President going to start? Oh, that’s right. I forgot the cardinal rule.

It doesn’t count as “war” if a Nobel Peace Prize winner does it.

It’s simply an “overseas kinetic contingency operation.”

I’ll let Castro and Putin know that. I’m sure they’ll be relieved. Oh that’s right. Putin already knows how to do that. He’s doing that all over Ukraine.

Why ARE the war drums suddenly so loud? Where ARE those streets full of anti-war protesters? Why isn’t this a war?

I’d support the Kurds. I’d support Israel. I’d support Turkey if Syria attacked them (for real, not the false flag attacks they tried a couple years ago.)

This intervening in not one but TWO civil wars is NOT our business. I don’t care if ISIS is some boogeyman “Super Al Qaeda” or not. It doesn’t change international law and how you run a country.

Besides, they are already stalled. The countries around them already had a horse in the race… Muslim Brotherhood. Once ISIS attacked the Muslim Brotherhood the support from Saudi Arabia, Qatar, etc started drying up. They’re pretty much on their own now.

Can’t last very long on those scant resources in the endless desert between Iraq and Syria. Not much out there to use to build a war machine. Even the looted cash from the Bank of Iraq won’t last forever.

In fact, that’s all we’re really doing… helping the “good” terrorists against the “bad” terrorists. The President has repeatedly affirmed his support for the Muslim Brotherhood terrorists. (In Libya, Egypt, Tunisia, Syria, against Israel, etc) This isn’t really about the United States.

It’s about supporting the Muslim Brotherhood when they’re getting their asses kicked by ISIS (aka “Super Al Qaeda”) Don’t be fooled. The President thinks that’s the way to get all the Arab countries of the Middle East to love him/us.

It’s all politics as usual. It’s domestic politics too. Who wants their legacy to be “lost a bunch of wars?”

So, he has to keep them going long enough to hand over to the next President to “lose.”

Prove me wrong. I’d be glad to learn otherwise. Unfortunately, I believe the evidence says otherwise.



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