Freedom of Religion in the Peoples Republic of Greece


August 26, 2014 by JImbo

Greece Sets New Town Meeting Prayer Guidelines

So if I don’t go to church or my church isn’t “approved” by the board I can’t speak at the town board meeting?

Wow, that’s a DIRECT violation of the “Establishment of a Religion.” It may not be a single state religion, but the government deciding which religions are “real” and not is a HUGE imposition on the US Constitution.This is actually WORSE than the previous case.

Before, I supported the town in letting anyone speak their mind from any faith. Now though… this is going in the OPPOSITE direction.This doesn’t only violate the intent of the Supreme Court ruling and Constitution. It violates the very letter of it. It is in no way Constitutional or indeed moral.

Great job, Town of Greece. You’ve managed to shoot yourself in the foot and pull defeat from the jaws of victory. I have no idea how you took a ruling from the Supreme Court based on FREEDOM and made it as OPPRESSIVE as you possibly can in a town hall setting.

Kudos. I thought there was a certain lower limit to oppression, but you’ve managed to get in there with the big boys. I’m impressed.

You could have said something like “Must live in the Town of Greece” and “Names picked by lottery” to solve the problem of “too many speakers.” But no, you opted for a complicated, oppressive regime of having to be part of a “registered, established faith.”

What’s next?

A “Freedom of Speech license?

A “Home Privacy Tax”?

Think I am exaggerating? Think this is just an “administrative rule change?”The fact that you have to ask what the big deal is means you dont truly understand the importance your own actions.

Constitutional freedoms aren’t optional. They aren’t just for then it’s convenient. They don’t just apply to SOME people who are APPROVED to have them.

You took a protest by non religious people to be included and in response made it so even fewer people can speak. How is that freedom exactly, as you argued before the Supreme Court?

Holy crap I never thought this would go that far. It’s just a simple 30 second statement at the beginning of a tiny town board meeting! How can you screw that up so badly???

3 thoughts on “Freedom of Religion in the Peoples Republic of Greece

  1. Patrick says:

    Without making a big deal , just say no.


  2. JImbo says:

    You mean just walk in and start talking?
    Or ignore the whole thing altogether?


  3. bestortest says:

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