An Open Letter to the FCC

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August 25, 2014 by JImbo

Today is the last day the FCC is taking public input on the proposed Time Warner Cable/Comcast merger deal. Yes I know I dont have the money their lobbyists do. However, doing nothing is giving support in absentiato a problem so the least I can do is write about it. Thomas Paine didnt have much else to offer but his pen to the American Revolution but it helped. Im no Thomas Paine but if I can get even a dozen of you out there rwading this to take 30 seconds to send in your own emails, then that multiplies the effort greatly!
Here is what I sent them:
Competition is good for the free market but government control of the airwaves creates a system that cannot self regulate. Like fish in a tank as opposed to in the ocean, any competition is false and contrived. The best solution would be for the FCC to cease to exist. However if it must be a required evil then at least do not compound that evil with the creation of a government sponsored oligarchy. At least give us some pretend competition. A merger of twc and Comcast would destroy even that last bit of illusion.

You can send your own email in at
I hope you do. If you do, post it here so we can see! Im curious as to who will help and why.
Or if you will sit back and do nothing.


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