Is an Ebola Vaccine in the near future?

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August 24, 2014 by JImbo


Blood of Ebola survivors could be used in a cure

It’s not NEW. After all, using bits of virus to counter diseases is how we have vaccines. (More or less.)

The moral issues they are fighting over are… if it’s “only” a thousand people dead so far is that big enough scale to do tests?

Also, if you have it and you DON’T give it to people (as you need to do in a test study to have a “control group”) is that immoral and/or illegal?

Plus, is it simply a big enough pool of people to truly get results from? Can they make enough serum and distribute it correctly, then monitor the results? How do you tell if the person survived because they were naturally immune or if they got the transfusion? There’s so many factors involved and the clinics are already understaffed as it is dealing with the outbreak.

Then the next step is obviously… when would an Ebola vaccine come out to protect against it BEFORE it becomes a threat?



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