Is China Now Top Gun?


August 24, 2014 by JImbo

Chinese Jet Barrel Rolls over US Patrol Plane

Hey hey hey hey hey!

WE are the ones that are supposed to be doing all the cool stunts and sending our “loose cannons” off to intercept boring commie intruders! This does NOT work the other way around!

It’s supposed to be Maverick and Goose flying upside down and taking pictures of bad guys with red stars on their helmets.

 Although maybe we are asking for it. Check out the response from Admiral Kirby:

“The message we’re sending back to China is that’s unacceptable and unhelpful to the military relationship that we would like to have with them.”

Are you shitting me?

THAT is our response?

Not “do it again and we’ll shoot your ass down?”

Not “We know where you live. Try it again. I dare you?”

To be honest the military has been stretched pretty thin. We don’t have a helluva lot of assets out there at the moment and we have a Commander in Chief who is afraid of talking too loudly to anyone but the American people. And the military IS putting unarmed patrol planes ALONE waaaaaaay out far away from any other support.

I’m surprised we haven’t lost any to engine trouble at the very least since there is NO ONE around to help them if they go into the ocean. Even those Chinese fighters are far away from their bases. Those are their longest ranged fighters at the most remote airbases to even reach us.

Still, is it wrong to expect something a little more… inspiring? We WERE in international water… WAY WAY WAY in international waters. (Chinese water is 12 miles from their coast. We were 135 miles away.) They DID violate airspace regulations. They don’t even get a slap on the wrist?

Why aren’t those pilots flying rubber dog shit outta Hong Kong by now?

Are we that old and passe as a super power that we don’t even get to be the cool guys in the movies anymore? C’mon we’re young, we’re hip, we’re LOOSE CANNONS and all that jazz.

Are we just getting old? Or are we depressed as a country? Have we lost our confidence?

How do we get it back?


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