Tar Noir

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August 23, 2014 by JImbo

Tar Noir

I heard about this on NPR the other morning.

I love Noir and I’m a geek for science so it definitely got my attention.

Too bad it’s not longer.

It is a neat artistic idea merging the two genres of Noir and Science Documentary.

Speaking of Noir, the new Sin City movie is coming out:

Alright so it’s not as great as the classic noir movies. It’s a Frank Miller adaptation and edgy for the younger crowd. It still gets the main idea across I think.

They call this movie the official sequel to “Sin City”, but there were a couple others that are in the same style. Realistically “The Spirt” was set in the same universe with the same style, just different characters.

So yeah, I’m gonna have to go see it.

Then come back and pop in a few REAL noir movies.

Bonus: There is a scene in “The Spirit” that features the La Brea tar pits.




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