Cold War in the Desert


August 23, 2014 by JImbo


US Government considers airstrikes in Syria

Let’s put this in perspective shall we?

The Obama Administration couldn’t get the American public to bomb Syria the first time. They tried untraceable chemical attacks. Still no dice. People still said “no.”

So, the Administration (with lots of support from BOTH political parties in Congress) were secretly arming the “Syrian Rebels”… basically the Muslim Brotherhood terrorists. (causing the whole Benghazi thing)

Take note here that both the Muslim Brotherhood (our terrorists) and ISIS (Al Qaeda’s terrorists) were fighting against the Syrian government. Unfortunately, Al Qaeda’s terrorists (ISIS) were better at it and killed many of “our” terrorists (well, Obama’s anyway) and took most of those weapons.

When the Russians refused to STOP arming the Syrian government, ISIS fled to Iraq and started blowing them up instead.

Now that ISIS is threatening the false “peace” that Obama was crowing about in Iraq, we “have to” go in there to stop ISIS.

Can’t have ANOTHER major disaster under Obama’s rule due directly to his actions now can we? That won’t look good at ALL…. especially with Hillary Clinton running for President in 2016.

So, they have to prop up the corrupt government in Baghdad.

Then while they’re at it and have scared the HELL out of people about the “new threat worse than Al Qaeda“, they figure… ah what the hell? Let’s take a shot at that whole Syrian campaign again!

Don’t be fooled by the house of cards.

ISIS is actually weak as hell.

We don’t need to prop up the Baghdad government.

We don’t need to attack the Syrian government.

We don’t need to do “humanitarian bombing.”

We need to stay out of things and let this whole “Cold War in the Desert” happen.

Let the Iranians support their Shi’ite buddies in Baghdad.

Let the Saudis and Qataris support their Sunni buddies.

If we want to get involved, protect the Kurds like we agreed to in 1991. Might be nice to keep our word once in a while.

Or, just totally stay out of it.

Let them kill each other off.

The more they kill each other, the less they think about coming over here.

I’ve been over there twice.

We’ve DONE our part there.

The rest is up to them.

After 10 years they will sink or swim.

Keep using the “bug zapper” defense.

It’s worked well for the past 13 years.

Give them someplace to go and someone to fight (ideally each other) and the terrorists forget about us.

Convince them there’s an awesome jihad going on down the block and they won’t hop an airliner to come bother us.

Think of it as a relief valve for pissed off Islamists.

That’s what we did during the Cold War vs the Commies.

We fought proxy wars in dozens of backwater countries.

That way we didn’t fight at home and no one went nuclear.

It sucks to be the people in those countries, but tell me the truth.

Would you RATHER the war comes to your doorstep?

Would you rather it was YOUR house and YOUR family?

It’s not forever.

Just another few decades until the Islamic world catches up and gets out of the Dark Ages.



4 thoughts on “Cold War in the Desert

  1. Rob says:

    But…but…that’s where all the oil is! Er…innocent people in trouble! With the oil right there under them! If everything’s on fire we won’t be able to rescue all that oil…umm…civilians! Yeah! I mean the civilians! Completely disregard how fast our economy will crash…some more…if everything really gets bad over there and the price of gas goes up to say $8 or $9 a gallon…


  2. […] Source: Cold War in the Desert […]


  3. Patrick says:

    Aren’t you a little hard on Obama? Wink Wink.


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