Popularity Contest


August 21, 2014 by JImbo

I have an awful sense of what’s “cool” or “popular.” I’m just nerdy enough to check out what’s trending on Google to see what people are looking up.

A partial list:

Who is following me?

                Good question. See “Where” listed below.

What is a “thot”?

                Good one! Apparently from some rap song, it means “That Ho Out There”… learn something new every day!

When do you harvest Garlic?

Oddly enough this was tied with “When is the next full moon?”

Some weird paranormal stuff going on I think.

Where is Chuck Norris?

                Behind you. Refer to “Who.”

Why is my poop green?

                Enough with the spinach already, Popeye.

If the Purge were real?

                Lots of people are asking if the movie “The Purge” is coming true. You know, the one where the government allowed rioting and looting on the streets as a way of distracting the people and “cleaning up the criminals.” I guess that makes sense given the rioting in Missouri all over the news.

How to have sex?

Interestingly it was up there with “How to get rid of ants.”

I suppose we should be thankful it wasn’t “how to get rid of crabs.”

How high you are?

                I dunno Yoda, how high are you?

This one also popped up quite often.

                Ice Bucket Fails

                                Holy crap… how can you screw up dumping a bucket of ice over your head?

(Okay, these are pretty funny… and potentially requiring a hospital visit)


2 thoughts on “Popularity Contest

  1. JImbo says:


    I still can’t figure out why the guy has a fishing pole in his shower.


  2. Kate Devers says:

    Good work 🙂 cheers!


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