Deep Fried Dairy and Deer


August 21, 2014 by JImbo

NYS Fair’s new deep-fried treat: A Twinkie stuffed with Twix wrapped in bacon


Apparently this is the latest thing at the NYS Fair:

“A Twinx is a Twix candy bar inside a Twinkie, wrapped in four slices of bacon, battered, fried, and drizzled in chocolate.”

Just… wow.

Still, there are other things just as weird around the country at State Fairs:

Top 10 Strangest Foods at State Fairs


Deep Fried Butter?

BEER? What a waste of perfectly good BEER!

Yeah… that stuff makes us seem downright HEALTHY!


No… not really. We’re still awful human beings for even thinking about trying this crap.

Luckily, the State is stepping up its latest “Good Citizen” push to make you feel better about yourself.They used the annual Butter Sculpture to promote their new charity program.

It’s called the “Great American Milk Drive.”

I’m not kidding. They want you to do the OPPOSITE of what they’ve said for years and years.

No longer is it “give non-perishable canned goods or money.”

Now it’s “give a gallon of milk.”

How is this a good idea? I understand milk does a body good and all, but… there was a good reason to donate “non-perishable food.” Namely that it won’t “perish” and go bad.

Especially milk!

I wonder if that includes non-pasteurized milk from farmers that was recently declared illegal and “dangerous”… on the “advice” of large homogenous dairy producers of course.

If they want FRESHER food, then I have an idea. Hunting season is coming up quick. Will they be taking that too?

I know there’s lots of places that don’t allow it, but recently New York State set up the Venison Donation Coalition.

venison donation coalition through NYS DEC

I love their slogan. “Feed 4 people for a buck.”

Har har.

Anyway, it is a great resource for finding centers for giving and receiving donations. Keep it in mind this hunting season.

I’m sure there are others in most states. Ted Nugent has been promoting his favorite “Hunters For the Hungry” in Virginia for example. I’m sure this is a lot more practical than donating a gallon of milk.

A deer will serve a lot of meals, high in protein and easy to store long-term. It’s very useful as a beef substitute. (I didn’t hardly know what “real hamburger” tasted like as a kid. We always had venison burgers!) It’s very lean and healthy. Best of all, EVERYONE can eat it . It’s not like pork or beef and prohibited by any religion. No one is allergic to it.

Unlike dairy. Did they even THINK about the lactose intolerant poor kids? It was bad enough giving them can after can of baked beans for the holidays but now beans and milk? Have you no humanity? How many homes will burn this holiday season when poor flatulent children sleep too close to the fire?

Oh the humanity!

This would never happen if you simply donated venison instead.

Think safety this year.

Give the Gift of Venison!


3 thoughts on “Deep Fried Dairy and Deer

  1. Patrick says:

    Venison Coalition good. Twinkie in bacon bad.


  2. Buena Korab says:

    Good work 🙂 cheers!


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