ALS Makes the “Bucket List”


August 21, 2014 by JImbo

ALS Gets Four Star Charity Rating!

Congrats ALS!

I’m always leery of giving to the “wrong” charity. There are so many out there competing for my limited nickels and dimes. I want to make sure that money does the most GOOD possible.

There are plenty of horror stories out there of charities that don’t do anything but fill the pockets of “fundraisers” and “solicitors.” In fact, in many “charities” not a single dime can be tracked to helping ANYONE but the administrators of the charity!

America’s Worst Charities- Tampa Bay Times

The bottom line is… do your homework. Don’t donate to telemarketers. Go to their website. Call them on the phone.

My favorite suggestion?


Your local Fire Dept, Ambulance Service, Food Pantry, Soup Kitchen or After School Program will use 100% of that money on exactly what they say. Plus, you KNOW them in the community. They don’t have the incentive to cheat or skim money.

The best are face to face community events. Chicken BBQs, Boot Drives, Raffles, Spaghetti Dinners, Car Washes, etc.

Not only do you KNOW your money is going to an organization you want, it encourages OTHER people to participate (group think, herd mentality, sheer socializing and having fun) and you get something fun/useful out of it too!


Now I want a chicken BBQ.

So, yeah I dunno what the long term response will be to the ALS “ice bucket” fund drive will be. I heard it’s at $23 million so far. Maybe people will forget about it. Maybe it’ll become an annual thing. Maybe it does take from other charities.


What I do know is that they get quite a bit of their money TO research and helping people with the disease. People had fun and helped other people. Sounds like a win-win to me.













One thought on “ALS Makes the “Bucket List”

  1. Patrick says:

    People give money to worthy charity, have fun and learn about a fatal disease, win win.


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