A Shoe, A Bike and a Light

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August 21, 2014 by JImbo

Just passed a shoe in the road on the way home. It was perfectly upright, next to the mangled wreck of a bicycle. Lots of cops. A firetruck. An ambulance.

Ivs it wrong I wasnt curious to know more? Ive seen my share of accidents both through civilian driving and through the volunteer fire service. Professionally, it wasnt in my district. Not my responsibility.

Personally, is it even any of my business? I dont need it to gossip about. If its anyone I know Ill hear about it soon enough.

I just dont need to know.I dont want details. Does that mean I dont care? Am I a bad person for being realistic?

I would like to know what it will take to get a traffic light at that intersection. Or maybe reconfigure the access to the highway? I have personally seen a good half dozen accidents there. Ive driven by a good dozen more. Everyone says it is just a tragedy waiting to happen.

Maybe this time? Thats what we thought last time too.

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