Freedom is Awesome

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August 18, 2014 by JImbo

 Freedom is awesome.

I know it sounds silly.

Say it with me.


Now do you MEAN it?

I don’t mean in the common sense meaning “cool” or “good.”


As in awe-inspiring.

The speechless moment when you first see the Grand Canyon.

That kind of awesome.

The amazement when you first take a plane trip and those tons of steel and aluminum soar into the sky with nothing beneath you but thin air.

That kind of awesome.

The wondrous joy of bringing a new life into the world as your first child is born.

That kind of awesome.

The awe you get from fireworks on the Fourth of July.

That kind of awesome.

That kind of freedom.

Literally divinely inspired.

Another commonly misused phrase. People say things like “This cheesecake is divine!”

Is it? Do you REALLY think that you should THANK GOD for that cheesecake?

If you do then that’s one GREAT cheesecake and yes, you should thank Him (Her, whatever) for your fortune. However, if you don’t really MEAN that you shouldn’t truly SAY that.

Our Founding Fathers were not just using catchy phrases when they called Freedom a “Divine, Sacred Trust.” They truly felt it came from God.

Likewise, they felt that the Constitution was inspired by God. It’s no more written by God than the Bible is. Let’s face it. Men screwed that up pretty bad over the years. However, INSPIRED by God yes.

It’s like a really old game of “Telephone” where after a hundred generations the original message gets a bit corrupted. It’s hard enough for people to get it right across the room, let alone across the centuries!

However, the original message I believe was divinely inspired. That’s because the original message was Freedom. Free Will.

Money isn’t the root of all evil. Freedom is. It’s also the root of all Good.

Without a Choice there can be no choices; Good or Bad. Therefore, we’d all be robots. Robots cannot do Good or Evil. They merely follow instructions.

If someone is run over by a car, we don’t blame the car. We blame the driver. The driver as a human being has free will. The car does not.

That is what separates us from the animals. We have free will. They have instinct.

If I kill a man on the street and eat his liver, I’d be a monster. If a lion does it that’s “in his nature.” There is not a “Lion civilization.”

You can’t have a civilization without free will. There cannot be morals. There cannot be standards.

We are human beings because we have free will. It defines us. It makes us who we are.

Yes, my Atheist friends. That free will must be divinely inspired. The alternative is that logically it is simply an invention of Man.

If that is true then what Man gives then Man can take. This assumes that SOME men must be giving it to OTHER men. Does that mean some men are BETTER than other men? Do you truly want to believe that?

No, Freedom isn’t in the blood. It’s not granted by law. It is granted by God to do with what we wish.

It’s not absolute of course. There are consequences of actions. Like any possession it can be stripped from you if you don’t defend it.

Rights don’t exist for societies and groups. They are for the individual to express. They are for the individual to keep or trade away.

If you choose servitude, you still made a choice. If you choose to lose hope, that is also a choice. God gave freedom of choice to YOU, not “mankind” or “society.”

YOU personally.

That to me is an awesome gift and an awesome responsibility.

Compared to that, the Grand Canyon is just a big hole in the ground.


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