Are Millennials the Libertarian Generation? ( article review)


August 18, 2014 by JImbo

Millennials are Not “Far Left” on Economic Issues– (

Granted, it’s from a Libertarian news source. The source material isn’t. The NY Times, The Atlantic and Pew Research are far from radical Libertarian sources.

What they are describing (more personal freedom, less government, free markets) simply IS Libertarianism. It freaks out BOTH political parties because they function on “Top Down” models of control. Whether it is Democrats wanting to tell you what to eat or drive; or Republicans wanting to tell you who you can’t sleep with it’s all about control.

Centralized control.


The new generation has its faults, but they have grown up in a world of choices. They don’t have to go through the traditional “gatekeepers” and “filters.” They not only like it. They don’t know any other way!

If you’re over 30, consider what choices you had growing up.

How many channels did you have on TV? Five? Ten?

When you did research for school where did you go? The library? Which only had whatever books were on hand?  What if they were signed out already? Who chose those books in the first place?

Your news came from maybe 3 TV stations twice a day (6:00 and 11:00 news) plus the couple newspapers in town.

Think about that. All of those filters and limits on what you could learn!

I’m sure this is scary to many people. Change is always scary. CHOICE is always scary.

After all, the adage (that predates Spiderman by the way) that “With great power comes great responsibility.”

It’s no less true today. In fact, more accurate than ever!

It’s scary to make choices. You always have the possibility of being wrong. Then you can’t blame anyone but yourself.

On the other hand you can be right. Either way YOU have POWER.

libertarian take over

I know I’m hitting the Freedom and Liberty drums pretty hard lately, but it’s been apparent more and more that people are waking up and realizing they have power. Now it is essential that they realize they have to be responsible with it.

Those riots in Ferguson, MO may be misguided, but they are about community power. Not the looters and the race baiters. However, the community in the street and protesting is actually GOOD. It shows at least they care about SOMETHING.

A primer on what Libertarians support vs the “major parties/idealogies”

(Click on the thumbnail to make it bigger)


Don’t give up on the future.

We’re at a tipping point.

Failure is not a foregone conclusion.

It is just the default if we do nothing for ourselves.

Rant done.


One thought on “Are Millennials the Libertarian Generation? ( article review)

  1. Patrick says:

    WE had three channels if we moved the antenna correctly and put enough tin foil on it. Maybe us older people were ok because we actually had more freedoms!


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