Did Russia just invade Ukraine (again?) Passive Aggressive Foreign Policy


August 17, 2014 by JImbo

Did Russia just invade Ukraine again?

We know they already took the Crimea by force. There was no peaceful negotiation about it. So, it’s not exactly unexpected.

The big question is… does it matter? We aren’t doing anything about it so why should Russia care what we think?

Putin doesn’t even want all of Ukraine. He just wants the key natural resources, industry and important population centers.

I fully expect Putin to “allow” the rest of Ukraine to “keep its independence.” He just doesn’t need the extra empty farmland to the West and the pro-Western people living there. No need.

If this were a hostile business takeover, those would be the departments he’d sell off anyway. So, why bother with them? It’s a win-win for Russia. You get what you want and then you can always claim that you were just “protecting the minorities” and that “If we wanted to invade Ukraine we’d just take it all. You have your half still!”

People tend to be too ignorant to know the difference. They generally believe what is fed to them, so they will accept that. Putin knows what (especially in Russia where he owns the media…. literally. Not the quasi-control that our government has by proxy. There it literally is state-run television.)

The question isn’t so much HAS Russia invaded the Ukraine. They haven’t STOPPED invading Ukraine from before. The question is… what’s next? Where do they go now? You don’t reward a dictator and expect him to stop.

In the bigger picture, why would China not take all the islands it could in the Pacific? If we won’t defend Ukraine, a country we had a treaty with to defend… who says we will act to help Japan or South Korea or Taiwan?

China can make the SAME claims to Taiwan that Russia does with Ukraine. Or they could help out the North Koreans like the Russians are with the “ethnic Russians in the Ukraine.” Hey, it worked the first time… and the second time… the third time…

The Chinese are watching. So are the tiny Baltic republics with huge Russian armies sitting next to them. The Russians (and Chinese) now know we are powerless against “passive aggression.”

All the Russians had to do was drive into the Ukraine and TAKE what they want. Not a shot fired. If they don’t shoot, WE in turn don’t shoot. They win.

So, if they drive into Lithuania or Estonia or Latvia and DON’T SHOOT, are we still stopped from preventing them? There’s no way to “passively” stop a Russian soldier on foot from walking into the Ukraine with an F-15 fighter jet. At some point you need to stand up for yourself.

Does it matter how fast someone attacks you? If they SLOWLY pick your pocket or PEACEFULLY steal your car, is that suddenly not a crime? Apparently that’s how it works now. As long as they’re nice about it, they can have anything they want.

if we just walk into Canada, is it then ours? is Canada not allowed to do anything about it? Hey, it’s apparently working for the illegal immigrants here in the USA, so it must apply if we do it to other countries right?

Not only is it safer, it’s also a lot CHEAPER! No need for bombs or rebuilding. Just move in and squat for awhile. Tell people you’re “ethnically American, but in Canada and it’s my right to take it.”

Just like the guy who gets to take your car. “Hey, I’m sitting in it so I have a right to it, man.” That’s fair right? We don’t need laws or property rights or national sovereignty as long as “It’s mine because I can take it” is the rule. What a simple, awesome rule!

Now why didn’t we think of that? Please tell me you can tell that’s sarcasm. For the love of GOD that should be clear to the most ignorant hippie liberal foodstamp surfer by now!

We’re setting the precedent that the old “Might Makes Right” policy is back in fashion. Go ahead. We won’t do anything to stop you!(That’s the “Old” America… this is the “New” America. We don’t do that “stop tyrants” and “defend freedom” stuff anymore.)

Ask yourself what is to stop anyone from taking anything they want? NATO has said they won’t do anything in Europe. They are invested in Russia and China. Will we do anything? Well, by “we” of course I mean….


What Will Obama Do?

Maybe if Russia invades a Muslim country we’ll do something. Maybe. Probably not.



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