Annual Training Roundup

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August 17, 2014 by JImbo


I’ve shared some of the pictures from AT so far. A few that I just downloaded from my phone.


Warning: This is not the official abbreviation for “Jalapenos.”


Apparently “IT” means “Iced Tea”

Also, apparently “Bud Light” means “Coffee”



I’m pretty sure “Kloppenberg” is a swear word in German.

It sure was in our kitchen. Who designs an ice machine that shoots ice across the room every 5 minutes?


He didn’t have a hat in the kitchen. So he made one. Gotta give the guy credit for creativity. Maybe it’ll catch on as a new fad. I’m gonna put this under “Redneck Genius.”

SGT Morrison Veggie Noodles

Sometimes cullinary creativity can be a good thing.

SFC Dimperio Flan experiment

And then again… sometimes not….

push up text

True story.


C’mon Private Liete is a dead ringer for Dora the Explorer.


Who let the zombies out again?

IMG_20140816_130033653 IMG_20140816_121429643

The cookout the last day, featuring grillmaster the honorary cooking corporal, SPC Vermeulen. Good job!

Meanwhile back home-cobwebs lawn mower

And a reminder when I got home of what needs to be done…





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