Why you shouldn’t fear the National Guard

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August 9, 2014 by JImbo


national guard trucks

To all of those folks who keep posting pictures of scary military vehicles on the highway:

Please stop.

It’s not helping.
They are not there to take your guns or children.

If you see military vehicles on the road, don’t be AFRAID. Be PROUD. They are on YOUR side. I don’t just mean that in a propaganda way… “We’re from the government and we’re here to help.” What I mean is they are probably JUST LIKE YOU.

Chances are they’re National Guard. Unlike active duty and federal agents, the National Guard troops are civilians 90% of the time. They live next to you. They have kids in your schools. They have guns. They love liberty.

In fact, it is THESE people that will be your first line of defense if there is some sort of Federal crackdown on civil liberties. If you remember, it is always Federal agencies and SWAT teams that have perpetrated bloody raids and assaults on civilians in the recent past.

Ruby Ridge


Even the Bundy Ranch if it had gone slightly differently.

Those are Federal agents. It was Federal paratroopers who grabbed guns and patrolled the streets during Hurricane Katrina. (I know. I was in Iraq with the Louisiana National Guard at the time and they were pretty pissed the Federales were back home when they were stuck overseas.)

Who is being sent to secure the border now when the American people demand it? Not Border Patrol. Not the US Army. The NATIONAL GUARD.

Who was there first during Super Storm Sandy? NATIONAL GUARD, not FEMA or any other Federal agency.

We are your neighbors, your friends, your family and your coworkers.

So ENOUGH with the “military vehicle sightings” already. It’s sounding really paranoid. Virtually every one I’ve seen that is identifiable has been a National Guard unit on their annual two weeks training, or sending their vehicles to the repair shop.

When you see the ATF, THEN you can get worried.

Or Homeland Security.

Or Border Patrol.

Or the Secret Service.

Apparently even the Bureau of Land Management, IRS, Dept of Energy, EPA, the Dept of Education and Social Security have SWAT teams.

SOCIAL SECURITY? Who knew? And what sort of incidents are they responding to?

Anyway, worry about those folks if you want to, not the Reservists in your community training to respond to natural disasters and commie invasions. They will NOT call up the National Guard to grab any guns or kick your door down.

First, legally it’s iffy. The National Guard isn’t allowed into “police” situations without special permission and very narrow rules of engagement.

Second, the Governor can veto any such move because they’re really HIS (and the State’s) troops first, not the President’s.

Third, they’re unreliable for such things. Since the majority of Reservists are what the Administration would call “Far right extremists” (ie supporters of the US Constitution) they aren’t the best people to try to give illegal orders to.

We’re on your side. We’re here for you. We’ll defend you against all enemies to the Constitution, foreign and domestic.



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