To My Academic Atheist Friends

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August 9, 2014 by JImbo

I’m often asked how as an “intelligent person” I can possibly entertain a belief in the superstitious nonsense of a Supreme Being. Surely any “rational” and “sane” person would find such things ridiculous! Wouldn’t they?

Well, I usually answer that Albert Einstein isn’t just famous for being a physicist. He was also a strong believer in God and a wise philosopher. Unfortunately, we aren’t taught of his greater contributions simply because it’s not fashionable to explore those facets of his humanity. Instead we are taught he had a big brain and thought up stuff. The end.

Well, that’s NOT the end. Far from it. For example, this is why I think God is not only probable, but very scientific.


How can a scientist NOT entertain the possibility of a 1,000-dimensional being? I know that seems like a lot to imagine, but Einstein is one of my heroes. He had a quote for everything.

For example the one I live by the most and started my writing career around:


I enjoy explaining things to people in terms they can understand. I’m told it’s my “gift.” I’m always the “guy who breaks it down into bite size pieces.” I always thought that was what a butcher did, but I digress.

Maybe I’ll slaughter this. Maybe not. However, I think it’s worth pondering for a moment.

What if there IS a God, but you can’t disprove him/her? What does that then prove?

There is an old saying that you can prove if there is a spider in your house. You see him. However, how do you prove there is NOT a spider in your house? Simply not seeing the spider does not mean it isn’t there. It only proves that you don’t see one.

I loved the book “Flatland” by Edwin Abbott. (See? I DO go into literature on this blog!) I think you can still get it for free in many places as it’s an old book past the royalties date. You can even get a hard copy of the very short book/story for next to nothing.

It’s well worth it!

It is a bit dated with its Victorian references, but I found it fascinating in how it conceptualized some things that most people assume is over their head and therefore “for smart science guys.”

That’s bullshit. You can EASILY grasp the concepts of multiple universes with a few basic examples. Hell, if you’ve watched ANY TV or movies in the past you’ve probably already seen some depictions of alternate dimensions.

“Flatland” is a good place to start. I apologize I don’t see how to underline on this thing. I know movies go in quotes. Then again, there IS a movie that is more updated and probably more approachable for younger viewers.

Dr. Quantum Visits Flatland

Now, imagine that the tiny Flatworld Circle person were a Biblical figure. Instead of a 2 dimensional circle brought into a 3-D world, it would be a 3-D person brought into a 4-D world. To To those people, Dr. Quantum in his 3-D form is a GOD.

He can appear and vanish at will from their perspective. He can see things they can’t see. He can do things they can’t do.

But what about being “immmortal?” Well, time is linear as far as we know. What if what we think of as “time” is just us moving together at the same pace?

When an elevator rises, everyone on the elevator rises at the same rate. So, from their perspective no one is moving. To an outside observer the whole elevator is changing altitude. However, if you never KNEW you (and your whole universe) was on an endlessly rising elevator you wouldn’t know the difference would you?

If it was a really slow moving elevator (or the beings could fly) they could go back and forth between “floors” of time at will. They would “time travel” to us, but to them it would be as simple as taking the stairs.

What if “God” or “the gods” and their universe simply wasn’t on that elevator? He/she wouldn’t “age” in that direction.

That’s just FIVE dimensions (Height, Width, Depth, Time, plus one extra beyond that the “Eternals” move in.) Einstein says there’s no limit in theory. It could be a thousand dimensions… or a million.

Here’s the key point. If we can’t DETECT another dimension… how can we prove or disprove it’s existence? Let alone those in it?

You can’t see radio waves but they exist. We can detect them only by turning on the radio. Without the radio we would have no way of knowing they are there.

Do they not exist without the radio? If a priest in Ancient Sumeria said “There are these things called radio waves that you can use to talk to people on” do you think he’d be considered “rational” at the time? Would it simply be FAITH? Would he have been ridiculous or wrong to believe in radio waves without the proof to back up the claim?

We have FAITH that gravity works the way it does. We can’t explain “Dark Matter” or even really detect it except very indirectly. What if the fluctuations in gravity fields are just another universe pulling on ours from across the wall between the two universes?

There’s so much we don’t know. There’s probably so much we don’t even conceptualize that we don’t know we don’t know… let alone how to find out! We don’t have all the questions, let alone the answers.

So, to assume that a 5 dimensional being we can’t detect doesn’t exist simply because we can’t “see” him/her is pretty closed minded.

COULD it be that simple?

One of Einstein’s favorite words was “simple.”

“Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.”

“I have deep faith that the principle of the universe will be beautiful and simple.”

I believe that a simple and unassuming manner of life is best for everyone, best both for the body and the mind.

“Most of the fundamental ideas of science are essentially simple, and may, as a rule, be expressed in a language comprehensible to everyone”.

Another close behind was “God.”


And since it’s we’re talking about the 5th Dimension and I grew up on 60s rock.

5th Dimension- Let the Sun Shine In


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