Proportionate Response


August 9, 2014 by JImbo


predator drone


I keep hearing all these reports about how “unfair” and “disproportionate” the Israeli response to terrorism is. They shouldn’t use precision bombs because they “might miss and cause civilian casualties.”

Alright. Let’s go with that logic. Let’s say the Israelis use the EXACT SAME TACTICS that Hamas uses.

Let’s say that instead Israel simply launches an unguided, very inaccurate rocket into Gaza every time one is shot into Israel. If Hamas launches 10, Israel launches 10 of the same size with the same accuracy. Tit for tat.


That’s fair right? One for one. Either way with no guidance systems they don’t have to worry about “accidental” damage since it’s basically a crap shoot anyway where they land. They each aim at the big city across the border and have at it!

Wouldn’t that be more humane? That’s what I keep hearing. “If they didn’t have so much firepower!” Well, now they have the exact SAME firepower.

It’s a lot CHEAPER too. Imagine all that money saved!

hellfire cost

One of these is about $60,000 (plus the aircraft, crew, etc)


One of these is a few hundred bucks and some old pipes welded together.

Talk about a windfall! They’d save MILLIONS! Who needs accuracy when apparently cheap, INACCURATE weapons are the HUMANE way to go!

Now I’d BETTER not hear anything about it being “inhumane” or “genocide” to fire unguided rockets randomly into densely populated areas. That is what Hamas is doing and we’re told that’s entirely “justified.” So being fair, if Hamas can do it then Israel can do it too.



If you say NO, then you have to explain WHY Israel can’t just go around randomly blowing people up but Hamas can. Every variation of that answer will probably force you to reconsider how you see the world.

Let’s try a few I’ve heard often out shall we?

“Well they’re poor.”

“They’re oppressed.”

“They don’t know any better.”

“Well Israel is a western democracy!”

Basically ANY answer except “They have equal rights and responsibilities as human beings” would be racist. Unless you hold them BOTH to the SAME standards, then you unwittingly declare the Palestinians inferior to the Israelis.

The same mistake is made all over the world. Even while we exhort people to learn about other cultures, we still feel that we need to “teach them” because they are inherently inferior to us in some way.

“We need to teach the Africans because they don’t know any better about health care and sex.”

“The Chinese can’t be held to the same pollution standards we are. They’re not as advanced as us.”

“The Mexicans are just uneducated and backwards, so if they come here their lives will get better.”

Why is it that we are always making any excuse for other countries and people in order to absolve them of any blame for their own situations? That’s how you treat CHILDREN, not an ENTIRE RACE OF PEOPLE.

I can see 19th century racists before the Civil War going on about how “Darkies shouldn’t bother themselves with readin’ and such.” However, we are using that same twisted logic now and trying to pass it off as somehow enlightened and altruistic.

It’s bullshit. You either treat them like people or they’re NOT people to you. Period. Patronizing them in order to “protect” them is even more damaging to them than leaving them alone.

If you want a world treaty on pollution, then China and India sign that shit too. THAT is why the Kyoto Treaty failed, not because the United States was being “mean.”

The South American countries are full of corruption and crime because the people haven’t stood up to STOP IT. If they don’t want to fix it, then they are the ones living there. It’s not OUR problem.

Even in our own country, welfare does NOT as a rule get people “on their feet.” Work programs do, but everything else just tosses money at a problem, absolving those on support of any blame for their own circumstances.

That thinking DESTROYS a person as well as civilization. When you raise a family or a country of victims, that’s all they know. How can you expect them to function without any sense of self worth or future prosperity?

You don’t then end up fostering growth and faith. You foster HATE and ENVY. You generate a sense of immaturity and entitlement.

ANY group, race or creed can fall prey to such evil thoughts. It’s not just Blacks or Arabs or Mexicans or Chinese.

The Jews were slaves in Egypt. Most African slaves to America were traded by OTHER AFRICANS!(Don’t see that in the history books now do ya?)

The Irish were slaves to the English. In fact, the Irish are an interesting parallel to the Palestinians. Twenty years ago they had the same choice.

Back in 1994 both the Irish and the Palestinians had similar chances at peace under a Bill Clinton whirlwind “world peace” tour. The Irish Republican Army (IRA) agreed to lay down its guns and accept 95% of what they wanted in exchange for peace.

The Palestinians under Yassir Arafat rejected the 95% deal and immediately declared (another) war on Israel known as the “Intifada.” Now the Irish have a prosperous economy and peace. The Palestinians have death, destruction and a victimization relationship with abusive Arab neighbors using them as a pawn against Israel.

The IRA used many of the same tactics that Hamas are. They knew exactly how to make the English look bad and blame other people for their deeds. If a grandmother was blown up by an IRA bomb, it was never THEIR fault, but it was all those damned English! Can’t blame the poor, defenseless Irish ya know!

Similarly, Hamas (and the Palestinians who overwhelmingly vote for them) know full well what they are doing. They KNOW that when they launch a rocket from inside a school that Israel will fire one back and probably damage that school. Then they can claim ignorance and the Western Media will gobble the story hook, line and sinker.

So, ask yourself. Why IS Israel wrong for shooting back? IS it disproportionate force? If so, then why not just lob a few unaimed rockets instead? Would that be better?

If you have a BETTER idea, let’s hear it. Remember that “Jews go home” isn’t a valid response any more than “Americans go back to Europe.”

They’re there. The Arabs are there. Hamas won’t stop shooting rockets.

What’s the answer? What miracle strategy will get Hamas to stop?

Cease-fires are in EVERY case violated by the Palestinians. (Find one that wasn’t. Go ahead. Google your heart out. You won’t find one.)

There’s no moral punishment for breaking agreements, so why should they care? it’s not like they’re treated as rational human beings anyway. If you treat people like animals, that’s how they’ll act.

That’s especially true if you claim to be doing it in their own interest.









10 thoughts on “Proportionate Response

  1. well said my friend


  2. Patrick says:

    How about this, West bank is not firing rockets or digging tunnels to send people to kill Israelis, have peace and calm. Can cross border pretty easily and have economic growth. Gaza opposite, 1000’s dead over the years. Fighting wars every three years or so. Death, destruction everywhere. Stop the rockets and the killing will stop.

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