36 Confirmed Kills


August 8, 2014 by JImbo

Who says Cook isn’t a combat MOS?

36 confirmed kills

Hey, don’t blame me. I take no pleasure in this massacre. I’m only protecting you!

If people would just learn to close the damn door behind them, this horrific slaughter would be unnecessary. That’s right DFAC people, it’s YOUR fault all these flies had to die!

Well, it’s that or they land on your food… walking all over your next meal with their dirty little shit-covered feet.

Oh, not so “harmless” anymore are they? Not when it’s YOUR food! I see that change of opinion all the time.

It’s like the “NIMBY” effect (Not In My Back Yard)

Only here it’s the (Not On My Own Meal) or “NOM NOM” effect.



A cheeky little bastard had the tiny little balls to land ON my kill tally!

fly 8-9-14-1


Not for long, my little friend!

Fly 8-9-14-2

Update #2:

So I either killed most of them off or they finally got the hint and stayed away from the office. The final kill count was just 44 by the end of the operation.






2 thoughts on “36 Confirmed Kills

  1. Patrick says:

    When I was young there was a fruit stand across the road from my grandparents. They sold candy and other sundries, but I can remember all kinds of fly strips hanging down. The doors were open all the time. Sometimes it would be black with flys!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. JImbo says:

    What a massacre!


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