Now We’re Cooking!


August 7, 2014 by JImbo

I’m proud of my Mess crew during this training rotation. It’s a motley collection of troops from 5 different units, but they’ve managed to more or less come together to get the job done. I think I’ve mentioned that most of them have little to no experience in the job field. Still, they’re eager learners and have picked things up quickly.

Today for the first time they handled the meals all on their own. I just grabbed a cup of coffee and answered any questions they had. It’s rewarding to know the mentoring is paying off.

IMG_20140807_083211559 IMG_20140807_083228029



I actually had KPs request to come back. Who WANTS to come back to do KP duty? I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or I’m just not working them hard enough.

It’s a far cry from the hectic first few days of chaos. I came in today to find one of them singing opera and a display of chocolate milks in the cooler arranged in a giant heart shape.

That kinda freaked me out. Who is THAT happy to be at work? I have people volunteering to come in OFF HOURS, on their own time.

What am I doing wrong? Why aren’t they miserable and bitching? Isn’t that the Army way?

I’d suck as a Drill Sergeant.



4 thoughts on “Now We’re Cooking!

  1. erik says:

    i see it more as you are a loved nco and that should mean more to you than anything because you can start a cult if you really wanted and yes the army way is always the grunts are miserable and bitching but being loved is a good thing too


    • JImbo says:

      Thanks Erik.
      I dunno about loved. Respected is good though. It goes both ways. Treat them as people and they’ll respond in kind. It’s a mix between teacher/mentor and boss. I’ve always believed that people will perform to the level of expectation you set for them. If you don’t expect much, or you expect a lot… you’ll get it either way.


  2. Patrick says:

    Please don’t forget to actually tell the troops that they did a fine job. A little praise goes a long ways!


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