Figures Never Lie; Liars Always Figure


August 5, 2014 by JImbo

My Dad brought this USA Today article to my attention:

Black officers dismissed at greater rate than whites (USA Today- Aug 4, 2014)

What’s your first reaction to this headline?




Mine was “well that makes sense.” It’s nothing nefarious. It’s not NEW either.

The reason is in the article itself if you know what you’re reading. “Logistics has the highest number of African Americans being let go…”

It’s been an established fact for decades that African Americans are disproportionately serving in non-combat roles.

The reason is simple, but explained well here:

The Color Of Combat: The Minority-Disproportion Myth

The article is from 2002, but the numbers haven’t changed considerably. It’s been true since before Vietnam. The reasons behind it haven’t changed. Blacks are still joining in greater numbers for non-combat job skills. White, middle-class guys are still joining to be hoo-ah combat troops.

It’s only important here because in this “lean, mean Army” downsizing, they’re trying to get rid of people doing paperwork and “rear area” jobs. Blacks are doing most of those jobs, so it makes sense they’re going to be losing their jobs.

That’s not racism. It’s simple corporate downsizing, like in any company. If the Army wanted to get rid of “trigger pullers” (ie combat troops) do you think there’d be headlines about how white guys are being kicked out of the Army in record numbers?

Somehow I doubt that. It doesn’t fit the preconceived bias out there. As the 2002 article says, there is a myth to uphold that’s decades old that doesn’t fit reality. When your facts don’t meet your expectations you can only change one of those things.


Unless you are willing to lie. But that would be awful! Who would take advantage of lying just to make a little money or save their job? Especially if their job is to “fight racism?” What would they do if they didn’t have any racism to fight?

al sharpton

They’d be like soldiers without war. Not just a war presently, but war… period. Or let’s say they found a cure for cancer. * What would the cancer researchers do?

Well, in my case I’d go back to my civilian job. The cancer researchers would just go do some other research on heart disease or ANOTHER erectile dysfunction drug. Somehow I can’t see any other job for most of the “civil rights” people if we suddenly had equality tomorrow.

They seem to be on-trick ponies. Some companies are accused of “creating” a market to sell a product that people don’t really need. But it’s probably not the case here…

(* I know there is no “cancer” per se. It’s a ton of diseases in one ignorantly vague term so there can’t be one “cure.” I’m making a point here!)


One thought on “Figures Never Lie; Liars Always Figure

  1. Patrick says:

    Something to ponder and think about.


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