Free Range Chickens


August 4, 2014 by JImbo

free range children

Stranger Danger! (Free Range Kids)

I’m really liking this group. Essentially it’s about “old fashioned’ style parenting like when we were kids. We’d go out all day and play with friends. Granted we lived in the country, but there just wasn’t as much talk of abductions and keeping kids at home or even ON A LEASH!
That’s crazy.
People are getting arrested for letting their kids play at the NEIGHBORS house or even in the backyard alone. They’re being punished for leaving the kid in the car while getting milk. What is REALLY going to happen in that TWO minutes you’re gone? Are the odds REALLY that high your kid will be abducted in two minutes in broad daylight?

I think it’s a result of our “Media Age” and 24/7 news cycles. We SEE every crime around us, but we only LIVE in our small world. Is it a threat to your child if a kid 3,000 miles away was kidnapped? Is a murder on another continent really your problem?

Add to that our TV shows. On cop shows someone dies EVERY EPISODE. Don’t you find that odd? I’ve mentioned before how on one show I like, it’s laughable that a town of 10,000 people has a murder once a month or more. Really? No one NOTICES this?

Or what about the cops who shoot someone every episode and don’t even have to fill out paperwork, let alone go to court about it? They just get a pat on the back and a reward.

I know it’s “fantasy” but our “fantasy” lives are pretty damn violent! We see a dozen murders a day, most of them fictional and the rest nowhere near us. At some level we’re internalizing this on a subconscious level.

Why? Well it’s obvious. Statistically we are the SAFEST as a society we’ve been in decades, perhaps EVER. It’s all there in the crime statistics and mortality rates.

We are SAFER today than when I was a kid.Yet people think we are in more DANGER than ever before. What we see isn’t true, so we are rejecting reality for a sick, dark fantasy world to live in.

What other explanation is there?

I think this “Free Range Kids” group has it right. We need to educate people on the REAL dangers, and debunk the FAKE or HYPED ones.

As the group’s founder and author Lenore Skenazy says, it boils down to “What Ifs” vs “What Is.” We are punishing people based on “What Ifs”…

What if your kid gets abducted?
What if someone poisoned that Halloween candy?
What if a kid climbed the fence and drowned in the pool while trespassing?

We are sending people to jail for what COULD have happened. Non-crimes are NOT being committed and people pay for them with real consequences. Surely that’s unethical, if not outright illegal in theory and practice.

“Well you MIGHT have gotten into an accident.”
“Well your kid MIGHT have been abducted.”
“Well you COULD have gotten sick.”

Meanwhile, we are ignoring WHAT IS.


Instead of “Free Range Kids” we are indeed raising “Free Range Chickens.”

Kids are no longer free… and they are chickens. They’re afraid to go anywhere or do anything without permission. If they can’t imagine outside their parental control box, then how will they function as adults?

Or does the Government and Corporations simply step into that role to tell them what to do?



2 thoughts on “Free Range Chickens

  1. Patrick says:

    I watch “Father Brown” on PBS Sat. night. It looks like the town has 100 people in it,but; every week someone is killed. (not graphically). So when the priest figures out who the culprit is there now are two less people in town. Looks like after 45 episodes it should be done. Can’t get rid of all the good people too!


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