Monkeying Around With Machines?


July 29, 2014 by JImbo

What an odd article from Aviation Week. It starts off just talking about a new car… some new Army gear, a satellite doohickey… then BAM!

Sci Fi Conspiracy Theory!

Google AI Skynet

Halfway down the last column you get to the meat of this story.


Who saw that one coming?

What IF Google is in fact Skynet from the Terminator movies?


Or the Matrix?

matrix movie 2

Or HAL from 2001?


What if Bing/Microsoft is just a giant super computer too?

And Apple?

And Amazon?

How would you know?

Would it change what you did?

Would you act? How?

Are they guaranteed to be EVIL just because they’re computer intelligence? Or is that…well.. not racist… but… anthro-centric?

Maybe it’s like that poor computer from “War Games” that just wanted to “Play a Game.”

wargames movie

Poor, misunderstood super computers no one wants to play with.

And only possibly genocidal.

I bet most folks would be willing to take that chance.

Just like most folks would probably take a pet monkey butler if given the option. C’mon admit it. You KNOW you would. Especially if they were potty trained or had diapers or something to prevent the poo throwing.

Sure they MIGHT on the off chance rip your face off in a fit of rage or take over the planet.

But in the meantime they can change the channels and get you a beer!

Maybe mow the lawn.

Take out the trash.

All that stuff you used to have children for.

But without the drama and college debt!


(and this is apparently something you can buy…)




2 thoughts on “Monkeying Around With Machines?

  1. Patrick says:

    Many things that could not be invisioned 10, 20, 30 or more years ago have come to pass. Some good, others not so much. Think texting while driving! Who knows what the future has to offer. Thinking machines that are sentient may come to pass. Hopefully not like Will Smith in I-Robot!


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