Rob Astroino’s 10-Point Clean Up Albany Plan

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July 28, 2014 by JImbo


Rob Astorino’s 10-point Clean Up Albany Plan

The Astorino/Moss 10-point Plan to Clean Up Albany

  • Term Limits – Limit statewide elected officials to two terms (8 years) and state legislators to four terms (8 years).

  • Limit Legislative Session – Convene regular session the first week in January and end on April 1, when the budget is due; Special session throughout the year can be called by a petition request from two-thirds vote of both legislative houses or by the Governor as defined in the State Constitution.

  • Independent State Commission on Public Ethics (I-SCOPE) to replace J-COPE.  Five members appointed by judiciary with independent budget to receive and investigate complaints of official misconduct, including sexual harassment and assault.

  • Strengthen FOIL – Require proactive online posting of records and information required for release under FOIL requests; Information would be posted on single statewide database managed by State Comptroller.

  • Defined Contribution Plan for Newly Elected – Require all newly elected officials to join SUNY’s Defined Contribution Plan instead of the existing pension system.

  • Pension Strip -Loss of taxpayer-funded pension for any elected official convicted of public corruption.

  • Prohibit Personal Use of Campaign Money – Establish clear guidelines to limit donations solely to election-related activities.

  • Ban Conflict of Interest Member Items – No “member items” to any non-profit or business affiliated with a state elected official or an immediate family member.

  • Replace Per-Diem System and require receipts for travel, lodge and food.

  • End Taxpayer-funded Vanity – Prohibit any building, facility or capital project that was paid for with taxpayer money to be named for any current elected official.


Is there really anything that ANYONE (besides a politician) would object to in there? Seriously? I know he is WAY behind in the polls, but he has a proven track record in Westchester County. If something unfortunate were to happen to Governor Cuomo due to his questionably legal and insansely unethical Corruption Commission….

I’m just saying this could be a very GOOD thing. A serious chance to turn this state around. One thing I’d add though.

Point 11- Return the Senate to the pre-1963 system of One Senator Per County. It was that way for a reason (namely so that NY City couldn’t hog all the votes in the NYS Legislature.) We wouldn’t be IN this mess if there was an actual voice of common sense from Upstate (ie “Redneckville”) to rein in the NYC/Albany bureaucrats.

I’m torn on the issue frankly. Astorino seems like a decent candidate with ideas. On the other hand, the Libertarian candidate, Mike McDermott is right in that if they can reach the 5% threshold for the Libertarian party there would be another party on roughly equal footing with the existing parties.

That’s more chance for debate. More chance for new ideas. And, a place for people to go BESIDES the two main parties… ie COMPETITION. Competition is a good thing. If the two main parties started to see their votes going to someone talking about personal freedom and the Constitution maybe they’d change their tunes!

It all remains to be seen in the fall. If Cuomo is still 30 points ahead in the polls (because of NYC) then it just may be worth it to just push Mike McDermott over the top and secure a ballot slot for the Libertarians at the polls next time.

If it’s close… then we could do a lot worse than Rob Astorino.

And if anyone is for Cuomo and reading this…. WHY? For the love of God, WHY? What has he done that you admire? The “best” argument I’ve heard so far is that he “balanced the budget.”

Okay, so he DID HIS JOB? Wow… well that’s amazing. He didn’t even “balance the budget” because the Legislature does that. He just SIGNS the damn thing.

He signed a bill that he’s by law supposed to. Impressive. Sounds about as monumental as Hillary Clinton’s “exceptional” foreign policy track record as Secretary of State.

Exceptionally BAD… maybe.

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