Financial Insecurity


July 28, 2014 by JImbo

uncle sam top secret

GAO Report finds 83,000 government contractors with “Secret” clearances owe $730 million in unpaid taxes

That comes out to about $8,800 per person in unpaid taxes. Who knows what their credit card debt looks like?

When I applied for a security clearance, the #1 question considered was: “Do you owe money to anyone?” That debt is the PRIMARY way foreign agents (and some domestic) entrap those with security clearances. If you’re in debt, you’re vulnerable. People see it as a quick “fix” to their problem… who will ever know?

Then they’re hooked. After all, once they commit treason, no matter how small they can’t TELL anyone now can they? And the enemy agent has blackmail on them.

Besides, how many of these people make at least six figures? And they can’t afford to pay their taxes? I’m sure they can afford to buy a new house and two SUVs.

This is unacceptable.

And stupid.
Do we REALLY need 5.1 million people with security clearances in the first place?

So you’re telling me that 1 in 60 people really IS a “secret agent?”

That’s ridiculous!

I’m an Army Cook. What “secret” information do I really have access to? The Colonel’s Secret Recipe?

(Sadly no, that’s still a corporate trade secret)

This madness needs to stop.


One thought on “Financial Insecurity

  1. Patrick says:

    way too many “secret” clearances.


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