Constitution Day Rally 2014 aka “Freedom Fest”

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July 28, 2014 by JImbo

 I got to talking with some friends about the great experience we had at the Repeal the S.A.F.E Act Rally this weekend.


They really wanted to do something else to keep the momentum going. Something like the American Revival idea I’ve mentioned. Many of those who didn’t get to the rally were sad they missed out on the opportunity to connect with other freedom loving Americans.

So, we’re gonna try hosting one out here in the boonies. As most things out here get done (over beers and a bonfire… or Facebook.. whatever) we figured Constitution Day (September 20th) was a good rally point that’s a few weeks out to give us time to plan.

Nothing HUGE mind you, just something people can go to, hang out, have some food, listen to a few speakers and lots of good music. The usual.

My buddy suggests hosting it at his place. Might work. Depends on how many people we get. I’m kinda worried about parking and such.

I’ve been in logistics for years now. That’s what I think about. I’m not the big inspiration speaker or bold leader. I just look at the problem, size it up and say “We can make it work” or “We’re fucked.”

At this point I’m leaning towards the former. Hey, ya never know. In a couple hours we have 12 people signed up so far. If it stays small, we’re good. If it gets too big, we find a bigger venue.

No worries.

Ask me again in a month.

So, if it sounds like something you might enjoy (and you’re in Wayne County on September 20h) stop on by the website. Sign up. Hey, even if you’re not from this neck of the woods, you can still show your support. Give the page a “like.” 

Or set up your OWN rally!

Hey, the more the merrier. We need to do American Revivals (aka “Freedom Rallies”) all over this country. EVERY community needs one. We need to remember, and our neighbors need to remember why this country is so GREAT and UNIQUE in the world.

It’s not just about rednecks and guns, or just hippie college kids, or conspiracy theorists on talk radio, or just a certain God, or just civil rights leaders or just union organizers.

This isn’t a race thing, a gender thing, an age thing or a lifestyle thing.

It’s simply about being PROUD to be AMERICAN.

We all believe the same thing. We all believe in PERSONAL FREEDOM.

That’s all. Maybe it’s too simple. Maybe we need to narrow it down some and “craft a well honed message.”

Oh well. Tough. It’s what we call out here a “Y’all Come.”

I just hope it’ll be a “Y’all HELP” too! Lotsa work coming getting this thing organized.

Click here to find out more!

Constitution Day Rally 2014

Wish us luck!


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