Am I Doing This Wrong?


July 28, 2014 by JImbo

I’ve been reading other blogs around here.

Some really good stuff!

I just don’t think I’m getting the whole concept here.

I thought you were to just write whenever you felt like it and had some crazy idea. Well, that’s many many times a day. You only get the tip of the iceberg so to speak.

And… 2 followers. I’m not bitching. Shit takes time and honestly I know friends are reading and that’s the important thing. I really am not looking for any sort of celebrity or ego boost.

It’s just fun getting the voices out of my head so I can sleep at night.

I am just wondering if this is..well.. NORMAL? I’ve always had a problem with that particular term. I know I’m not anywhere near normal in real life. I just fake it well by watching what other people do.

It’s like Jane Goodall and the monkeys. I don’t know if she’s actually fooling them or they just feel bad for her. “I feel kinda bad for the hairless little ape. C’mon guys let’s make her feel better by pretending we don’t notice what a freak she is.”

So, I’ve come to grips with not being “normal.” It sounds kinda boring anyway. I’m good with “close enough to not be chased with torches and pitchforks.”

I’m puzzled by this blogging thing though. I run across a DOZEN blogs and they’re all really good then… mysteriously cut short. I am wondering what happened to these people. Did they just get bored or was there some horrific personal tragedy?

They don’t seem depressed or anything. I want to read more! Show me the funny! (Or cool, or odd, or educational…)

Then there’s the blogs with 10 or 20,000 followers that post a couple paragraphs every other month. I know “less is more” but… wow. How does their head not explode? Don’t they have cool shit they’ve seen or done or thought about to share with people?

Or is that the secret? Act all mysterious and distant and people flock to you? Meh.

I can’t do it. I like to ramble. I just have to figure out why I have a half dozen friends (and another half dozen people I don’t know) reading these things and not posting a single word. It’s… freaky.

Enlighten me! What the hell am I doing wrong? Isn’t this supposed to be about interacting with people? Commenting and stuff?

Facebook is easy as sin to get stuff going. Post. Reply. “Like” a little “LOL” and voila! (or VIOLA if you’re Bugs Bunny) 

Ah well. I’ll keep plugging away. I suck at writing long stuff so many I’ll throw it all together into a book-sized mish mash of ramblings and sell it on Amazon. Make MILLIONS!


Ah crap. Gotta go pack. Three-week mission coming up tomorrow.

later gator temp 005




2 thoughts on “Am I Doing This Wrong?

  1. Patrick says:

    Don,t know if your doing anything wrong. How about some info on persecutions of Christians by the Religion of Peace. Not what they show us in the middle east. Might as well be 1100 AD


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