The Cuttlefish (A PBS special from NOVA)

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July 27, 2014 by JImbo

For no other reason than I LOVE LEARNING and I know a lot of geeks, nerds and weirdos… here’s a cool video I found online about the Cuttlefish. it’s like a super-smart squid that has super-camouflage. If you thought killer squid were bad enough, this sucker isn’t just quick. He’s SMART too. I bet Cuttlefish will be the focus of the next SyFy channel movie.

You can come up with some cool names for said movie. The best I can come up with something like “Cuttlefish Massacre” or “Cuttlethroat Island.”

Just have it star some chick with boobs. it’ll make money. A tornado of cuttlefish would be even more terrifying than sharks. Because they’d be PLOTTING all the way down.

Plotting… plotting… evilly… plotting…

Tentacle, piercing beak, poison… the only thing they’re missing is a black moustache and goatee.

The Cuttlefish- a NOVA-PBS Special



And then to personalize this… I was at Han’s Asian Noodle Restaurant on Monroe Ave last night.

I saw cuttlefish on the menu (of course) and had to try it (of course.)

Baby Cuttlefish


Don’t. Even if you like squid (calamari) it’s even worse. It’s not just chewy and rubbery, but there’s this hard cartilage holding it together I think. Awful texture.

However, on the POSITIVE side the rest of the meal was EXCELLENT.

Scallion Pancakes Pork Dumplings and Baby Cuttle Fish

Or maybe it just seemed that way after the awful experience of cuttlefish.

After that an MRE would seem tasty.

(Update: No, I don’t “yelp” or whatever. What is that? The sound you make when a cuttlefish attacks you? Oh it’s some website? No, I’m not posting pictures of food. I’m posting picture of EVIL ON A PLATE!)

And yummy pork dumpling and scallion pancakes. Those were pretty yummy. Once you got past the evil.




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