Many Faces of Freedom

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July 27, 2014 by JImbo

I went to a “pro gun” rally yesterday at Cobbs Hill Park in Rochester. There were the usual expected faces there.

There was the usual “Tea Party Patriot”- a guy dressed in a Revolutionary War uniform with a flag.

Lots of gray haired vets and mountain men with beards.

There were lost of T-shirts and hats with catchy anti-government slogans.

There was lots of country music and a few rebel yells.

What surprised me was who ELSE was there. While not a huge rally (perhaps 150 people), it was a very DIVERSE group. TV never prepared me for that! All the Tea Party terrorists are racists!!!


See those people to the right? Those are African-Americans! At a GUN RALLY! Maybe they were lost or something?


And what is that? An Asian-American? What the hell is going on here? How did they get past those racist bouncers?


Gah! More black people! They’re everywhere! What will the all the old angry white guys DO????

The answer? Welcome them in.

You might have seen the OTHER diversity there as well.


The kids, yeah you can say were dragged there by angry white racist parents. What about the college kids though? Shouldn’t they be on summer break or something?

The lineup of speakers unraveled this mystery for me.

Official Speaker Line Up:

25th District Congressional Candidate Timothy Bones Dean

138th District Assembly Candidate Peter Vazquez

108th District Assembly Candidate Carl R. Gottstein Jr.

Chief Executive Of S.C.O.P.E. Stephen J Aldstadt

44th District Senate Candidate Ricky Mollenkopf

62nd District Senate candidate Gia Marie Arnold

24th District Congressional Candidate John Katko

CEO of Allstar Tactical MIKE CENTOLA

PANDAA C.E.O. Daniel Johnson

New York State Governor Libertarian Candidate Michael McDermott

Mother Of Seal Team 6 Veteran & Political Activist Karen Vaughn

The LIBERTARIAN candidate for governor? Yup, that appeals to college kids. All those Rand Paul lovers!

PANDAA is a group led by a 18 year old Daniel Johnson concerned with personal privacy rights.

The CEO of Allstar tactical, Mike Centola was a tattooed young man running a small business.

While old white guys and young college coeds, minorities, bikers, business owners and politicians don’t seem to have a lot in common… they DO!

That’s where the beauty of this event happened. While everyone had a different perspective, lifestyle and opinions… they all agreed on the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

It really doesn’t matter if you’re angry about your 2nd Amendment right to bear arms, or your 1st Amendment right to religion and free speech. You can be concerned with your 5th Amendment right to privacy. You can even be concerned about your 6th Amendment right to due process in court.

The point is that we all agreed something was wrong and that we had more in COMMON and we had differences. As the guy’s T-shirt at the event said:

dont tread on anyone

That’s the key. It’s not about THIS group or THAT group wanting some special rights. That’s how the Cronyists and Hate-mongers work. Divide and conquer.

The Establishment people who want big government (or are just too ignorant to know better) think that the answer is to satisfy this group or that group with bribes and promises. They think WE have to hate people and divide into groups because that’s what THEY do.

Don’t play by their game (as the PANDAA guy said in his speech.)

It’s not as selfish as “Well leave ME alone.” That makes it sound like YOU want a special exemption. It turns people off.

It’s about leaving EVERYONE alone. Freedom for ALL, (which includes you of course.) That’s what draws so many different people together. We still believe in the American Dream.

It’s NOT odd that even black folks would be there at the event, volunteering their time and labor to make it succeed. After all Martin Luther King Jr’s dream wasn’t all that unique.

He wanted his kids to be treated as equal. Period. Not given special rights or given STUFF. Just treated as EQUALS.

That’s the American Dream. It’s not HIS dream any more than it’s MY dream or YOUR dream. It’s EVERYONE’S dream as long as their Americans. It’s so simple it hurts.

Literally… in some countries you’ll get hurt for even mentioning such heresy. Equal? What? Hell no, you’re Jew/Muslim/Christian/Chinese/Hutu/French/Gay etc!

The American Dream only works because it’s just that… a dream. An idea. It’s not a THING.

America isn’t the land. It’s not the stuff we build like building or cars or hot dogs or fireworks. It’s not a flag. It’s not even the PEOPLE.

It’s the idea INSIDE THE PEOPLE. Anyone willing to embrace that idea is an American. Anyone who doesn’ put it simply is NOT an American.

Our Founders knew this. That’s why they spelled it out in the Constitution. That’s our “rule book.”

You don’t become a Christian by just READING the Bible or putting it under your pillow. You have to LIVE it. The same is true with the Constitution.

So, ask yourself. Are you an AMERICAN? Have you even read the Constitution? When? 7th grade? Recently?

Do you wholeheartedly LIVE by it? Do you TRULY believe in equal rights for EVERYONE? Not just people you AGREE with? Even if we I disagree with someone 90% of the time, on that 10% I say we join forces.

(Update: As promised, the video of the Rasta Ice Cream Bus in the picture above. What you don’t get to experience (because were too slow to catch it the first time) is the ice cream songs it played while driving around. You have not begun to live until you’ve heard the traditional “Ice Cream Song” rendered in Rasta, Urban, Techno and even Dubstep remixes. Where do they come from I wonder? Does he do them himself? Or is there some company selling them? Is the market very large for ice cream song remix tracks? These are the things I wonder about….)

Rasta Ice Cream Bus

Yes Wes, Bucket List Item Accomplished.

Achievement Unlocked.

+ 500 experience points.


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