July Pictures

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July 27, 2014 by JImbo

Occasionally I like to share neat things I’ve seen. These pictures didn’t really fit in with any other posts, but I liked them.

Colburn Baseball park in Newark

IMG_20140717_123913148_HDR IMG_20140717_170332869

A flotilla of Erie Canal boats by the Rt 88 bridge in Newark.

These next few are from the Connecticut St Armory in Buffalo, NY.

I’m the Mess Sergeant there.

19 July Buffalo Armory IMG_20140719_101106256 IMG_20140719_101322560 IMG_20140719_101415614 IMG_20140719_101446262 IMG_20140719_101500060

Does that old meat locker not scream “horror movie?” I haven’t met the mad scientist who is storing the “Formula 2054” nearby. Still, overall it’s a beautiful turn of the century armory. Everything hand crafted and well maintained.

And below:

Out shooting with the guys.

The Masked Villains, Me, Rob and Eamon.

10450246_10152938658579692_7606076408455525453_o 10484435_10152938658584692_8470263143603232540_o 10499385_10152938658369692_4572143858064135051_o 10514412_10152938658724692_4469214810082645548_o

Fishing on Sodus Bay and some swans

IMG_20140628_134631569 IMG_20140628_160454973


Having lots of fun at Wonderworks at Carousel Center Mall with Renee and Orion.

It’s a science geek paradise.



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