Setback? Or Setup to Fail?

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July 24, 2014 by JImbo


Obamacare Dealt Serious Setback- Washington Times

 Oh lord. It looks like we’ll be seeing THIS go to the Supreme Court too now. Judges just can’t seem to read the same law the same way ANYWHERE anymore. They always have to put their spin on things.

A Court of judges in Washington, DC said the “Affordable Care Act” states that only STATES can provide subsidies in Obamacare. The Feds can provide funds to the States to do it, but it has to be THROUGH THE STATES.

(That is what it says. They were right on that.)

Then the same day a Richmond based court said the opposite. They said that while yes, the law did TECHNICALLY say that, it was “within the discretion of the IRS” to simply say that “The State” meant the Federal gov’t. That it was such an “important” piece of legislation that it was essentially close enough.

No, I’m sorry it’s not close enough. If you’re gonna write a law, then WRITE A DAMN LAW. I don’t LIKE the law, but I like just MAKING SHIT UP even less. This is change what… 47… since they started this thing? And not small changes either. Massive ones like moving deadlines and simply ignoring whole pages of the law if they’re inconvenient (or look bad at election time.)

I see it every day working in medical transport. The waiting lines at doctors are getting longer and longer. The price of insurance is skyrocketing. Service is getting spotty as more and more doctors opt out of taking the new coverage plans.

Imagine that… when you add more patients (but not doctors) and pay them LESS per patient… they tend to drop out of our government plans and go into private practice. Huh… who would have guessed THAT would happen?

Well except anyone you asked… especially doctors. They didn’t bother to ask doctors of all people how a health insurance plan should work. There’s a recipe for success! Having it run by the IRS of all agencies? Genius.

You haven’t begun to see bad until this fall. They’re running out of ways to try to cut money that aren’t too visibly painful. They’re going to have to ratchet up taxes and enforce those unpopular parts of the law that FUND the thing or it’ll go broke and collapse.

The question is can it make it past the election so the plan’s supporters can win another re-election before it crashes?



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