Is Obamacare Terminal?

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July 24, 2014 by JImbo

I won’t let my hopes get up too much. However, I hadn’t considered the full implications of some recent moves regarding the legalities of the “Affordable Care Act.” Granted the politicians who passed it SHOULD have read it to know this stuff was in there but… well… you know politicians. Just too busy to read!

Obamacare Employer Mandate Could Die in Some States (via Daily Signal)

There is a domino effect in the law if a State opts not to open an exchange.

The employer mandates only count if people have access to Federal subsidies. But, since the subsidies have to go through a State exchange (recent court decision, see previous post) then ONLY those 14 states that set up State exchanges can enforce the employer mandates. That means Obamacare essentially doesn’t exist for the other 36 states who use the Federal website (in theory.)

Oh sure there’s the extra taxes of it, etc. But, the onerous employer mandates and subsidies to support Obamacare aren’t there. No money coming in means no money for Obamacare.

*rubs chin thoughtfully*

obamacare state federal states

And look where those lucky states are… oh look they’re all the “Red” states mostly down South that are economically booming already. Meanwhile the few “Blue” states who are struggling financially are going to be hit… AGAIN… with more government costs and regulations. (And that number could fall to 12 next year if MA and NV drop out due to the high cost of running the State Exchanges.) That’ll make things even MORE expensive.

Now I’ll take this one a step further that’s not in the article. What happens when the 36 states without subsidies complain about having to pay for the subsidies of the people in the 14 states? They may have a legal case there about unfairly paying a burden they can’t enjoy the fruit of. 36 States means 72 Senators representing some pissed off voters not wanting to pay for “freeloaders” in those other states.

(Maybe 76 votes in the Senate if the other two states drop out.)

If they vote to stop paying into the system (since they get nothing out of it) then it’s up to JUST those 12 states to finance their own small version of Obamacare at increased cost. Those are the same states bleeding taxpayers to more productive states with jobs at a rapid rate. It’ll only hasten their financial collapse.

Too doom and gloom?

Well we COULD have had a simple plan that fit on one sheet of paper, but no it’s taken 2.8 million words (and counting) to get this monstrosity going.


For the record, this guy is my hero. I model a lot of my writing on this quote. That is why I write for people and take the time to explain things to them. Things often aren’t as complicated as we thing they are… and the important things NEVER are. You just have to understand what you’re talking about first.

einstein simple


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