Is Cuomo Gonna Go? ( from NY Times)

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July 24, 2014 by JImbo

Governor Cuomo Asked to Resign (via from NY Times)

Cuomo resign?

It’s not gonna happen unless charges are brought. He’s gonna try to follow the Obama model. Lie lie lie and hope the media covers it up for you. Only… that might not work if you’re a white governor. He’s not a black president after all.

Let’s be honest here. The media here in New York is hardly what you’d call “unbiased” politically. They know the Democratic party NEEDS Cuomo. There simply aren’t any alternatives.

The Republican candidate, Rob Astorino may be 35 points behind Cuomo, but he’s still at least light years ahead of any other candidate. Who else is out there?

Zephyr Teachout is a nobody. No one has ever heard of her. She’s a piker.

Cuomo won for one reason. He is the son of Mario Cuomo, the former governor. He has about as much ability as Jeb Bush to run a state. It’s all the name recognition. Teachout has none.

Who else is there?

The Green party? (quasi-socialist) No shot.

The Libertarians? Hmmmm. A few, but most Conservatives are going to go for Astorino. Astorino is a down-stater who works with Democrats in running Westchester County. If not for Cuomo’s name and deep pockets Astorino would be neck and neck.

Without Cuomo I think Astorino has a good shot. It’s not impossible. We have had Republican governors before like Pataki. (Not REAL Conservative but at least somewhat)

It’s not like we haven’t lost enough governors to corruption and ethics violations either. Prostitutes, Embezzlement, Drugs… you name it. Even if he’s not guilty himself, there are enough of his buddies in Albany who WERE that he HAD to stop the investigation. He owed them favors.

Is he willing to bite the bullet? Not unless he has to. Plenty of people to throw under the bus first. Besides, if the media will just keep this quiet enough for a few months it’ll be after the election.



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