Stew is Amazing

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July 23, 2014 by JImbo

No, I don’t mean Stew the guy I deployed with who ate those insanely hot wings on a dare. While it was pretty cool at the bar, the knock on the door at 3am later to get a medic wasn’t so cool. Sometimes hot sauce is illegal in the United States for a reason.

The stew I’m talking about is actual stew. Beef stew for example. Mmmmmm. I’m drooling just thinking about it.

Stew is the wonder food. It’s meat, vegetables and dessert all in one. You don’t need anything else with it. You can just have stew and be completely full.

One pot to cook. One pot to clean. One pot to carry up at camp.

You can throw it over a fire and leave it for hours to cook. Anything reasonably fresh can go in it. It’s REALLY hard to screw it up.

It’s about as easy to ruin stew as it is to burn water. Granted I HAVE met people who have burned water. However, those people really shouldn’t be near the kitchen. Open flames, boiling water, sharp objects. Not a good idea.

You can eat stew hot. You can eat stew cold. You can eat it with spoons, forks, sporks or knives.

Sure you’ll get that one guy who doesn’t like stew. Screw that guy. Men like stew. He can go have salad with the women.

That’s another great thing about stew. It has MEAT in it. That’s a requirement.

Otherwise it’s soup. Without meat it’s not even REAL soup. It’d be wussy vegetable soup. Stew kicks its ass on the playground all day long.



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