Hearing Today Gone Tomorrow

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July 23, 2014 by JImbo



Dun Dun Dunnnnnnnn!

Admittedly I have a few questions on this latest development.

First, how many people is that now in a row that people being investigated all had their computers mysteriously crash with…oddly enough… no backups? I think it’s up to around 20 by last count. Again strangely they’re all ONLY the computers of people that were under investigation.

This could be a huge coincidence. Then again maybe it’s not. Maybe they DID all get the same virus from that porn video they were emailing back and forth! I’m kidding!

Then again, how sad is it that having a porn party at work is actually more ethical than the shit they were doing? At least watching porn at work will just get you fired. For the stuff they were really doing we’re talking jail time if they go to court.

Thankfully they shouldn’t have to go to court because Eric Holder runs the Justice Department and the President (his boss) gave a “thumbs up” and declared in an interview that there “isn’t a smidgen” of anything bad going on in the IRS. WHEW! Well that’s sure good to know!

He knew that before there was any investigation… somehow. I guess the missing emails that supposedly went to the White House were just Lois Lerner telling him how uncorrupted the IRS is and how glad they are to not be doing anything bad. Maybe they were just sharing recipes and jokes?

Second, since when was the effectiveness of an investigation how much it cost? Have you ever heard of a murder case where the Judge just said “Ya know… we’re spending a lot of money here on this trial. Can we just let the guy go? I’m sure he didn’t do anything bad. His mother said he was a “good boy.”

Besides, they’ve seen what… THREE witnesses so far? Wow… the workload! Still, if they want to refer it to a Special Prosecutor to handle and get back to business, I’m sure Trey Gowdy would be for that, Mr. Cummings. Oh… you don’t WANT a Special Prosecutor to look into this full time with a team of investigators?

Third, who uses “backup tapes” anymore? Seriously? There is NO way that emails are stored on TAPE for 2011 emails. To begin with, they haven’t MADE that stuff in 30 years. Furthermore, the IRS already had a contract with a cloud-based backup company. (Then oddly cancelled it immediately after they heard they were being investigated, when lots of those files disappeared.)


And lastly, is it alright if I just say my computer crashed and I have no tax records for the last 10 years? Can I plead the fifth and get a big fat retirement out of the deal? How about a promotion and a bonus like Lois Lerner did?

No? Well damn it was worth a shot.

I kind of agree with Mr. Cummings that there ARE some important things we could be doing.

How’s that Benghazi investigation going by the way?

Fast and Furious?

The EPA investigation?

TSA concerns?

The NSA lies about who and what they are spying on, with and how? Oh there’s LOTS of fun lies and half truths coming out of that nut house!

Didn’t the Justice Department have its own case of corruption pop up recently?

Oh that’s just the tip of the ice berg.

It does make you wonder though. When the Justice Department is itself full of corruption… who does the investigating? They can’t investigate themselves can they? A judge or a cop can’t do that. I don’t see how the Attorney General can investigate himself either.

For that matter, who does the audits of the IRS to make sure it’s legit?

Who spies on the NSA to make sure they aren’t spying on us?

Ya know there’s a reason we have a JURY system in this country. The Judge doesn’t just declare you guilty or innocent. It goes to a Jury trial of your PEERS to prevent the system from becoming too corrupt.

At the local level anyway.

I think what we need are duly appointed civilians who, much like Jury Duty, are picked to serve as watchdogs on committees and oversee every government department.

I can hear the objections now.

“But there’s too many of them! It’d cost too much!”

“We can’t let CIVILIANS see our secrets! How can we trust the PEOPLE?”

Exactly. There’s your answer. The government is too big with too many secrets. It’s no longer accountable to the people.


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