Are Socialists Cheaters?

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July 23, 2014 by JImbo

I find this fascinating. Sure it’s just a few hundred people. It’s a few simple questions.
However, it’s not just about cheating. The one question is telling.

When asked about who they TRUST, the West Germans (predictably) said they trust West Germans more. The East Germans essentially said NEITHER, or rather they distrusted both types of Germans.

The social implication of this is telling. Successful societies are based on social trust. That could explain the propensity to cheat. If the East Germans didn’t trust their neighbors, they would of course be willing to cheat because they assumed that EVERYONE CHEATED. That explains why they were slightly less likely to donate to charity too.

This is the predicted result by many who say Socialism encourages immorality and ironically destroys peoples’ faith in their neighbors. It’s not bad PEOPLE per se, but people adapting to a bad SYSTEM.

Ah the whole “nature” vs “nurture” debate. I think this helps explain why some people seem inclined towards big statist “nanny” government and others are inclined towards less government and more personal freedom.

Simply put, those people that TRUST their neighbors are more willing to see everyone have personal freedom. Those that do NOT TRUST their neighbors insist that they MUST be cheating them and so demand more government to stop the imagined cheating.

Unfortunately, it never occurs to them that the people you give power to then have the ability to cheat you AND your neighbor equally, making BOTH of you miserable. Or rather, if they do think of this the big gov’t people shrug and say “Well at least the other guy isn’t happy either!”

And that is why you will rarely find a happy socialist.They can’t be happy because they’re too busy making sure their neighbor doesn’t have more than they do. In the process they forget to be happy themselves.


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