What is a “Recovery?”

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July 22, 2014 by JImbo

Reagan vs Obama Recovery


This is where I get all “political” again.

You know the old saying “Figures don’t Lie, but Liars always Figure.”

You’re being fed a big ol’ pack of lies by this Administration. They’re giving you a bullshit sandwich and expecting you to eat it with both hands. Not saying politicians are as a rule trustworthy, but this latest batch has it down to an ART!

Referring to the graph above, this is what you get if you take population growth out of our job figures. We all know people are born or come to this country every day. Presumably the more people we have the more JOBS we need too, right?

Well, there is where the “Liars figure.” They assume you won’t think about that or notice. So, they simply say “There are more jobs this month than last month.” While technically true, there are lots more PEOPLE too… more new people than new jobs.

Net result? More people WITHOUT JOBS.

Here’s where it gets extra fun.

Many of those people without jobs don’t count as “unemployed.” The NEW definition of “unemployed” is not “doesn’t have a job.” It is “isn’t collecting an unemployment check.”

So, if you go 99 weeks without a job.. on week 100 your unemployment runs out and you are MAGICALLY NOT UNEMPLOYED! HOORAY FOR OBAMA!

Unfortunately you don’t make any money and starve… but hey it makes the unemployment rate go down. So… that’s something right?

I prefer to think of it as “creative problem solving.” And the most creative way to solve a problem is to ignore it until it disappears.

It’s like this clip from the movie “Office Space.”

Just “Fix the Glitch” and things will work themselves out naturally….

Fix the Glitch

It’s good to know Barrack “Bob” Obama is in charge.

Otherwise we’d have to actually LOOK at our problems!




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