Outbreak: Boston


July 22, 2014 by JImbo

True to my word, I’m looking at making this a “Readneck” blog and not just Redneck. So, if I come across some good books (or other media) that I like, I’m sharing it with you. Be warned it could vary a LOT from a political biography of that ol’ Redneck Davy Crockett to fun Zombie Apocalypse brain-candy. That’s the beauty of being a Readneck. You’re not limited to what you SHOULD read, watch or do. You can decide for yourself!

Anyway, this is the latter sort of story published by a local writer. You can tell from the detail he’s a military vet and put a lot of thought into getting the details right. His second book is out, so he asked me to share the first chapter of the first book to give you a free taste.

Much like crack I’m guessing you’ll want to read more too. I’m a bit biased knowing the author, but feel free to post a comment and let him know what you think! At the very least… FREE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE STORY!

Link here:


Osama Bin Zombie









One thought on “Outbreak: Boston

  1. Rob says:

    I also had a collection of short stories featuring some of the characters from my Outbreak series that were available for sale until I decided to tack them on to the end of the second book Outbreak: Brave New World. Here’s my favorite that I put up as another blog post. It features exactly zero zombies, though.


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